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- [JBWS-3889] Fix some ipv6 testing issues

- Misc testsuite improvements / fixes

Thanks Jan Bliznak for the patch!

Use recent api

Change JBWS2150TestCase to use getWebServiceHost() instead of getServerHost() for getting the host value to use as test expected value. This is required for testing when -Djboss.bind.address= is specified as we need (for now...) to cope with a tck hack in the server configuration.

[JBWS-3897]:Properly log and return error message in endpoint runtime management interceptors;[JBWS-3898]:Add schemaValidation feature
[JBWS-3898]:Add interceptors to dynamically configure logging and gzip feature
Use latest resources-plugin-filter for allowing overriding maven project properties with system properties

Properly use offset in arquillian.xml management port for default cxf tests

Fixing two test issues with port offsets

Fixing pom.xml

Tagging resource-filter-1.0.0.Beta2

Allow overriding maven project properties with system properties

Explicitly set test port.offset even when it's 0

[JBWS-3901] Fix bug in testcase (the new bus has to be set as default thread bus to be picked up ;-) )

[JBWS-3902] Adding missing cxf-xjc-runtime.jar artifact and upgrading xjc plugins version

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Impove error message
Fix NPE on windows
[JBWS-3901] Adding few tests

[JBWS-3901] Refactoring

[JBWS-3901] Install a HTTPConduitFactory wrapper that sets few default HTTPConduit values obtained from system properties

[JBWS-3900] Moving the check on bindingoperation out of the invocation try-finally block

[JBWS-3900]:Throw proper exception instead of NPE for wrong url access
Updating wfly900 version

Updating wfly900 target component version after WildFly 9.0.0.Beta1 release

[JBWS-3896]:Set json http header in management out interceptor
removed unwanted imports
[JBWS-3895]:Add interceptors to enable record processor and return Records
[JBWS-3895]:Refactor work for enable RecordProcessor in runtime
[JBWS-3895]:Add constant for record-enabled setting through url
[JBWS-3878] removed unintended methods
[JBWS-3878] removed unintended methods