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Fix permission failures in EndorseTestCase
Add another permission file for CXFDefaultClientConfigurationTestCase
Fix permission failure in CXFClientConfigurationTestCase
Fix permission failures in BusTestCase
[CXF-6421] Use Exchange direct accessors to data where available

[JBWS-3910] Set accessExternalSchema property and run wsconsume plugin in fork mode to avoid issue with JDK8

Creating branch from CVE-2012-5575 for JBPAPP-10967 backport
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  1. … 6445 more files in changeset.
Change profile to wildfly9-secmgr
Add additional wildfly9-secmgr profile to avoid effect wildfly8
Add java.security.manager to secmgr profile
Add secmgr to maven profile
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Enable security manager for CXF-CORE-AS-9.0.0-SECMGR job
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Run WFLY 8.x jobs with JDK7 and WFLY 9.x or greater jobs with JDK8

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[JBWS-3915] Upgrade to JAXB 2.2.11

Synch WSS4J and Santuario with CXF

[JBWS-3914] Removing UseCompressedOops option usage

Update wfly900 version
Update cxf version to 3.0.5
WildFly 9.0.0.CR1 is released and update wildfly900 version to 9.0.0.CR2-SNAPSHOT
Rebuild port before testing with new proxy settings

Replace usage of deprecated method

Use latest cxf snapshot

Adding a simple test on exchanging dates with a given format

Minor change to make this test more reliable
[JBWS-3907]:Add ws-rm test which configures RMManager/RMStore without spring
Preparing for next dev cycle

Prepare for next dev cycle

Prepare for next dev cycle

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