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WCF interoperability tests, wsa 1.0 soap 1.2.

See also [JBWS-1880].

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Fixing interop test scenarios description file reading

[JBWS-1880] Standard SOAP 1.2 WSAddressing Client and Endpoint

[JBWS-1879] Fix issue

[JBWS-1879] Modifying jaxws binding test case

Delete AS-Tests-4.0.5
update AS4.2.2
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Change build trigger
hudson 1.150
Add mergeinfo.txt
merge -r4823:4948 jbossws-framework-2.0.2
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merge -r4847:4956 jbossws-native-2.0.2
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Extend resolver tests case to check mime matching
[JBWS-1876] Improvement and fix for oneway dispatch

Update AS50 excludes
Content negotiation, first cut
Fix context-root
Delete Iteration2,3
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Update AS50 excludes
Update AS50 excludes
[JBWS-1876] Fix issue

Update AS50 excludes
eclipse classpath
[JBWS-1876] Test case

cleanup package structure and access rights
Cleanup. Introduce runtime package
Docs and comments
Parse resource methods. Added content negotitation hook
Migrate jaxrpc/serviceref to jaxrpc/samples/serviceref
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