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Tag 1.0.0.GA
  1. /maven/parent/tags/jbossws-parent-1.0.0.GA
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increase scanner wait period
fix JDK_HOME + print both input and error streams when error is detected
[JBWS-2013] Implement standard message context properties
fix hudson regression - just print status code
rollback previous commit (svn merge -r 7273:7272 .)
[JBWS-2107] exclude test for AS 421
fix hudson regression - exclude JSR181 because it's not available
[JBWS-2098] Adding Username Token Profile test case

fix tests.resources.dir
[JBWS-2174] Excluding project generator test (JBWS-2174 is not solved for AS5 Beta4)

[JBWS-2013] Implement standard message context properties
Use javax.jws:jsr181-api
[JBWS-2197] Assuming BC provider is installed

decrease timeout too
decrease retransmission attempts cound and wait interval
fix hudson regression
[JBWS-2124] Expose http chunking through SOAPConnection
[JBWS-2107] Updating AS 4.2.x excludes

[JBWS-2197][JBWS-2098] Exclude CXF encryption test on AS 5.0.x

Fix ScriptTestCase: Provide correct JAVA_HOME
Fix WSConsumerTestCase
JBWS-2170: Exclude embedded tests for any container except 501
JBWS-2170: Fix embedded for maven build
[JBWS-2098] Dynamically install bouncy castle provider when running encryption test

[JBWS-2098] Do not deploy bouncy castle provider (revert 7214)

Remove MC dependency