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[JBWS-2417] upgrading from CXF 2.1 to CXF 2.1.3 + implementing architectural changes
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[JBWS-2450] Enable target 2.1 option

Reverting changes to SunRIConsumerImpl erroneously committed along with other stuff


[JBWS-2451] Adding testcase for @XmlList

[JBWS-2451] Support @XmlList on SEI when producing wrapper beans and wsdl

[JBPAPP-1640] WS-Security Usename Token Profile JAAS Implementation for JSE based WebServices.
[JBPAPP-1640] Branch for patch.
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[JBPAPP-1640] Branch for patch.
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[JBWS-2477] Adding testcase (actually modifying the smoke tool ones)

[JBWS-2477] Support generics when generating wrapper classes

[JBPAPP-734] Tagging jbossws 1.2.1.GA_CP04

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[JBPAPP-734] Updating version

[JBPAPP-1634] Restoring hudson config (modified)

[JBPAPP-734] Branching for releasing 1.2.1.GA_CP04

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[JBPAPP-1634] Restoring release matrix 1/2 jobs (modified)

[JBPAPP-1634] Removing useless hudson jobs

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[JBPAPP-1634] Updating builds

[JBPAPP-1634] removing jboss50 and tomcat integration

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[JBPAPP-1634] Removing jboss40 integration

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[JBWS-2150] fix wsdl operation name
[JBWS-2462] excluding failing test
[JBWS-1655] disable test
[JBWS-2150] providing test case
[JBPAPP-1210] Tag jbossws-native-2.0.1.SP2_CP05
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[JBPAPP-1210] Set version jbossws-native-2.0.1.SP2_CP05
[JBPAPP-1210] Branch to release jbossws-native-2.0.1.SP2_CP05
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[JBPAPP-1558] Release and upgrade JBossWS Framework to 2.0.1.GA_CP03.
[JBPAPP-1558] Release and upgrade JBossWS Framework to 2.0.1.GA_CP03
[JBWS-2454] Setting javax.xml.ws.reference.parameters property in the message context