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- Port JBWEB-180.
- Changelog update.
- Production defaults for the endpoints. Hopefully ...

- Related to JBPAPP-4779: Drop socket when out of workers.

- JBWEB-180: Add system property for buffer size.
- Add a lifecycle event for finer thread association management during start/stop of a webapp.
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Add a welcome entry.

- JBAS-8374: Fix EL parsing edge case, after checking the grammar indeed allows that form.
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- Port a patch: add back a fix I had reverted years ago.
- Add a null check to make JF happy.
- Update maven stuff for src. (try to, at least)
- Drop useless stuff which could cause some NPEs from HostConfig.
- Add SSO HttpOnly. The SSO valve could use a full SessionCookie config, but this would need custom config.

Not nice.

Fix for JBPAPP-4911.

Fix session attribute NullPointerException for [JBPAPP-4921].
Create JBPAPP-4921 patch branch from JBOSSWEB_2_0_0_GA_CP13 tag
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Fix retrieving request parameters on POST with transfer-encoding: chunked for [JBPAPP-4788].
test for issue 1183773.

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Add a test related to case 1172143.

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- Port webdav fix.
- Disable SSI exec by default.
- Port the fileupload update.
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- Web 2.1.10 GA.
- Update changelog.
Fix session attribute NullPointerException for [JBPAPP-4890].
Fix session attribute NullPointerException for [JBPAPP-4889].
Create JBPAPP-4889 patch branch from JBOSSWEB_2_0_0_GA_CP11 tag
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use debug.

Try to reduce the JBPAPP-4779.

Work-around for JBPAPP-4753

Fix CVE-2010-2227 and add HttpOnly Cookie support for [JBPAPP-4864].
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