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Fix native connector causing JVM crash on shutdown for [JBPAPP-5515].
Create JBPAPP-5515 patch branch from JBOSSWEB_2_1_10_GA tag
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Fix for JBWEB-186.

Fix for JBWEB-186.

- The resolver should look at request attributes.
- Port Tomcat code formatting, the old one is unreadable in this class.
Add changelog entry for r1595

- Fix.
Fix for JBPAPP-5293.

Port improvement where a listener is not used. Using a listener actually causes problems (JBPAPP-5293)

- Port improvement where a listener is not used. Using a listener actually causes problems.
- Add quick config for the wait time when pausing.
- Supposedly self seeding is good enough.
- Add an option to use the shared random.
- Allow a landing page for FORM.
- 49991: Improve timing of request listener calls.
- Minor EL fix for enums.
- Revert previous patch, which aims at supporting toy webdav clients.
- 50066: Tag file processing fix.
- 49998: XML syntax detection improvement.
- Drop teminate call.
- Port CGI updates.
- CSRF update.
- 49726: Default content type should not override.
- 49779: Interaction between continue and FORM.
- 49555: Fix use of static inner classes in taglibs.
- Improve session id creation.

- Add a master SecureRandom in Service.

- Add local SecureRandom providers seeded with the master SecureRandom in the Request.

- Port session id hashing and alphabet from AS 6 (which will need a little refactoring).

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Fix for version 0 cookies support for [JBPAPP-5398].
Create JBPAPP-5398 patch branch from JBOSSWEB_2_0_0_GA_CP14 tag
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Fix Concurrent access to WeakHashMap in ConcurrentCache causing infinite loop and 100% CPU for [JBPAPP-5344].