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- Refactor the non blocking mode of the NIO2 connector.

- Some debug code remains.

Arrange the development explainations.

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Fix some input and output corruption when using non blocking, hopefully without causing regressions.
Port patch and improve my flush trick (don't know if it is correct yet).
Port ws logic fixes.
Port WS patch.
Port websockets patch.
Fix the doc on IO, for sendfile and mention websockets features.
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Merged BZ-968578 and BZ-974813 (CVE-2013-2185)
I renamed the wrong branch so I'm putting it back
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Correct branch name to reflect the right BZ
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Port state fixes for Servlet 3.1 upgrade.
merged CVE to this one off
Create one off patch branch to merge CVE-2013-2185 to fix for BZ-968578
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- Add flushing at the end of a message write (Tomcat uses unbuffered stream and direct socket writes)

- Try using autoblocking for the blocking get() on the future

Port patch fixing CCE when wrapping.
Add an explicit flush when completing a real write.
It turns out the API classes are very specific, so bundle them here.
  1. /branches/7.4.x/src/main/java/javax/websocket
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- Add Servlet 3.1 IO API from Tomcat 7.

- Port Websockets 1.0 from Tomcat 7.

- No Websockets 1.0 testing yet (but no apparent regression for the usual Servlet functionality).

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- Branch cleanup.

- Disable Tomcat websockets API in 7.2.

Update version numbers.
For EAP 6.3.
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For EAP 6.2.
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[bz-1005130] Allow configuration of the requiredSecret attribute for the AJP connector
[bz-1005130] one-off: requiredSecret attribute on the AJP connector
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_7_2_2_FINAL_BZ-1005130
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BZ 1001641: Although auth method is supposed to be required, the schema says it is optional, so use BASIC as a default.
tag and release CapeDarf.

release 7.2.3.Final of CapeDarf.

Fix (or work-around) for BZ995411)

[JBPAPP-10846] merge fix