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Port patch to avoid NPE after HTTP session expiration.
Port websocket patch fixing streaming with the big state patch.
Port big patch redoing concurrency control of sending text messages in websockets.
7.4.0 beta tag, includes Websocket JSR (Java 7 required for this feature). For EAP 6.3.
Version number.
7.3.0 tag, effectively identical to the 7.2 branch. For EAP 6.2 maintenance.
[JBPAPP-10900] create one-off branch
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_2_1_10_GA_JBPAPP-10900
  2. … 1532 more files in changeset.
- POM cleanup.

- Support newer JDT.

- Experiment with dropping recycling of the various runnables used for the processor, completion handlers, and other small utility structures (sendfile and channels in the "poller").

- Remove connection tracking (jio doesn't do it, so I don't understand why it is needed, closing the main channel is probably enough when stopping).

Add the marker JAR that allows enabling websockets in a webapp.
  1. /branches/7.4.x/res/enable-websockets/META-INF
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    • binary
- Port patch.

- Redo some threading, a number of operations need to be dispatched to other threads.

bz-1024481 - JBossWeb memory leak when using SSL + Java security manager

bz-1024481 - JBossWeb memory leak when using SSL + Java security manager

JBPAPP-10895 - JBossWeb memory leak with using SSL + Java security manager

Port patch adding per session view of user properties.
[JBPAPP-10891] commit JBWEB-284 one-off fix
[JBPAPP-10891] create one-off branch
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_2_1_12_GA_patch03_JBPAPP-10891
  2. … 1533 more files in changeset.
[JBWEB-284] backport fix for PageContextImpl IllegalStateException
[BZ-1022777] commit back-port fix
[BZ-1022777] create one-off branch
  1. … 1288 more files in changeset.
Port patch adding connection timeout to websockets.
JBWEB-281: Use genStringAsCharArray as used in AS.
JBWEB-282: Change cache to concurrent hash map due to concurrent startup.
Port websockets patches (array support + pass session to message handler method calls).
Port patch for generic type handling for WS components.
- Some more cleanups.

- Refactor again using a reusable semaphore.

Some cleanups.
- If upgrading, discard the IS and OS, the examples are not doing cleanup well enough.