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New web build.
New web build.
BZ1075695: Try some cleaner thread group shutdown, if possible.
GTNPORTAL-3435: Clear the buffer since its state should be the same as the other buffer, but no need to clear it on recycle.
JBWEB-293: Add submitted patch for NPE.
New 2.1.16 build.
New 2.1.16 build.
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Port fix for CVE-2013-4286 (BZ 1074417).
Web 7.4
New build.
Unrevert, although the spec says something about this being wrong, nothing can be done with a closed session, which only leads to problems.
Add submitted org.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.OPTIMIZE_SCRIPTLETS system property.
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fix for BZ 1075695.

New 7.3.1 build.
New build.
Port content-length processing tightening patch.
Port fileupload fix.
Avoid shutdown of an external executor.
Fix for 1073396.

fix for BZ 1065932.

Basically the one possible error is that we have

closed the acceptor socket because we are stopping.

Avoid pointless NPEs after recycle.
really fix BZ 1072310.

fix for BZ 1072310.

BZ1073159: Preload constant.
Port patch to the other connectors.
BZ1073159: Preload constant.
Port fix: possible NPE with batch.
Remove bad code to handle exception thrown during blocking read.
Web 7.4 Beta 4
New build