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BZ1256325: Implement strict welcome file processing for extension mappings. Submitted by Dmitrii Tikhomirov.
Web 7.5.13
Web 7.5.13
BZ1307039: Add a simple timeout to handshake.
BZ1299058: Simplify syncing for output (also sync binary write, which is probably much less likely to cause issues since the processing is non existent, but it probably doesn't hurt).
[JBWEB-313] Prevent deadlock in WsRemoteEndpointImplServer.onWritePossible
[BZ-1299058] create one-off branch
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_7_5_12_FINAL_BZ-1299058
  2. … 1172 more files in changeset.
BZ1236910: Limit upload swallow size, patch ported by Lin Gao.
New 7.5.12 build.
New 7.5.12 build.
BZ1266247: fix buffer sizes when using SSL (SSL engine has a size limit with no workaround), recurse unwrap if no bytes are decoded, simplify handshake.
BZ1241032: Remove version numbers. Submitted by baranowb.
BZ1221446: Filter out HEAD method. Submitted by Hisanobu Okuda.
BZ1210388: Remove bad debug logging for parameters.
BZ1075083: Use the right code source if provided. Submitted by Bartek Spyrko-Smietanko.
BZ1242359: Allow custom codes.
BZ1246939: Fix issue uploading multiple files (with identical names).
7.5.10 build

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A https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossweb/tags/JBOSSWEB_7_5_10_FINAL

BZ1241216: prevent NPE in JBossWeb in RealmBase
BZ1223708: Remove use of direct buffers, that can cause memory problems and are probably not very useful here.
JBPAPP-11219 create one-off patch branch
  1. … 1533 more files in changeset.
Reverse merging 2610 from the release tag.
removing my bad branch
  1. … 1533 more files in changeset.
7.5.9 build
7.5.9 build
[JBPAPP-11219] create one-off patch branch
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_2_1_12_GA_patch03_JBPAPP-11219
  2. … 1533 more files in changeset.
[JBPAPP-11219] create one-off patch branch