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Add the configuration system properties used in the other HTTP connectors.
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Port improvements to content-length handling.
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Arrange doc and make sure the JSSE behaviour mimics the openssl one.

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Port minor addition to allow replacing SSL context.
BZ 1030050: Sync some changes that offer more flexibility (in addition to using createInputStream which allows using a reader for the restored request).
Fix apparently badly ported JMX code (java.io is correct, but not NIO 2 or native). Missed AJP.
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Fix apparently badly ported JMX code (java.io is correct, but not NIO 2 or native).
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Remove duplicate check.
BZ 1035787: Submitted by Ladislav Thon, once paused (and not resumed) the connector would leak some threads. Visible during testing management mostly.
Port additional fix for streaming.
Port patch to avoid NPE after HTTP session expiration.
Port websocket patch fixing streaming with the big state patch.
Port big patch redoing concurrency control of sending text messages in websockets.
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- POM cleanup.

- Support newer JDT.

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- Experiment with dropping recycling of the various runnables used for the processor, completion handlers, and other small utility structures (sendfile and channels in the "poller").

- Remove connection tracking (jio doesn't do it, so I don't understand why it is needed, closing the main channel is probably enough when stopping).

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- Port patch.

- Redo some threading, a number of operations need to be dispatched to other threads.

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bz-1024481 - JBossWeb memory leak when using SSL + Java security manager

Port patch adding per session view of user properties.
Port patch adding connection timeout to websockets.
JBWEB-281: Use genStringAsCharArray as used in AS.
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JBWEB-282: Change cache to concurrent hash map due to concurrent startup.
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Port websockets patches (array support + pass session to message handler method calls).
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Port patch for generic type handling for WS components.
- Some more cleanups.

- Refactor again using a reusable semaphore.

Some cleanups.
- If upgrading, discard the IS and OS, the examples are not doing cleanup well enough.
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Pour WS patch.
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- Some exception reporting.

- Be careful about using processChannel.

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