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BZ1548975: Port Tomcat patch for CVE-2018-1304.
BZ1520539: Log all multi value headers. Submitted by Petr Jurak.
BZ1460573: Handle error processing as a GET, fix for CVE-2017-5664.
BZ1419145: Hack to force restore of the content type header even when there's no body. Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
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    • +11
BZ1439225: set encoding for multipart/form-data. Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
BZ1410869: Fix sync of AysncContext.complete, and change all syncs from the processor object to the request object (since it is available everywhere).
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    • +16
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BZ1410869: Make the async context a separate object from the request, so that it can be recycled to avoid bad side effects.
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    • +253
BZ1391834: Avoid logging NPE.
BZ1376379: Port Tomcat change that sets 500 status when an unexpected exception is caught as best effort to report an error.
BZ1302434: Remove code block that seems useless (query string parameters will be parsed again, and is not used with a request body).
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    • +0
BZ1315982: Port fix for minor flaw in URL normalization.
BZ1315598: Add session id length configuration, submitted by Enrique Gonzalez Martinez.
BZ1302555: Make max active sessions fully accurate.
BZ1241032: Remove version numbers. Submitted by baranowb.
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BZ1221446: Filter out HEAD method. Submitted by Hisanobu Okuda.
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    • +5
BZ1246939: Fix issue uploading multiple files (with identical names).
BZ1241216: prevent NPE in JBossWeb in RealmBase
BZ1196513: Add patch to allow overriding servlets. Submitted by James Livingston.
[JBWEB-312] Check if the output buffer can grow before flushing it when using a writer.
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[JBWEB-258] Ensure concurrent requests that require DIGEST auth receive unique nonces
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    • +15
BZ1173313: Add hack to filter out some events, submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
JBWEB-308: Add extra hooks.
BZ1168870: optimization submitted by John O'Hara.
BZ1163126 refix: The inner class used was not actually serializable (additional stuff).
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BZ1163126 refix: The inner class used was not actually serializable.
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    • +24
Change websocket output to skip buffering and add some sync (input is synced upstream, but not output, which is weird).
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Same as r2381, avoid NPE after recycle.
- Harmonize read with write, it's simpler and passes all the tests.
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BZ1163126: Refactor using a serializable binding listener.
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    • +15
[JBWEB-305] Add file name information in detail error when compiling the java file
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