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BZ1419145: Hack to force restore of the content type header even when there's no body. Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
BZ1302434: Remove code block that seems useless (query string parameters will be parsed again, and is not used with a request body).
BZ1221446: Filter out HEAD method. Submitted by Hisanobu Okuda.
[JBWEB-258] Ensure concurrent requests that require DIGEST auth receive unique nonces
BZ1173313: Add hack to filter out some events, submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
[JBWEB-305] Add file name information in detail error when compiling the java file
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Related to EAP6-257: default httponly for sso to true since it probably doesn't hurt.
[BZ-1126490] create session prior to Digest 401 so loadbalancers can maintain stickiness