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BZ1439225: set encoding for multipart/form-data. Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
BZ1410869: Fix sync of AysncContext.complete, and change all syncs from the processor object to the request object (since it is available everywhere).
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BZ1410869: Make the async context a separate object from the request, so that it can be recycled to avoid bad side effects.
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BZ1376379: Port Tomcat change that sets 500 status when an unexpected exception is caught as best effort to report an error.
BZ1246939: Fix issue uploading multiple files (with identical names).
[JBWEB-312] Check if the output buffer can grow before flushing it when using a writer.
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Change websocket output to skip buffering and add some sync (input is synced upstream, but not output, which is weird).
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Same as r2381, avoid NPE after recycle.
- Harmonize read with write, it's simpler and passes all the tests.
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BZ1008041: doGetUserPrincipal will be used by getRemoteUser to be consistent with getUserPrincipal.
BZ961257: Full sync of the protocol handler init, to avoid SSL init issues. Remove now useless sync for OpenSSL syntax parsing.
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