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BZ1433123: Avoid calling prepareRequest if an error occurred earlier.
BZ1426471: Remove possible deadlock situation. The non blocking code is only really used by websockets, which has write syncs already, so it is possible to remove it.
BZ1426264: Fix weird error handling in blockingWrite, also remove the immediate close for other errors, and always return a negative value.
BZ1423453: Port code cleanup from Tomcat.
BZ1410869: Fix sync of AysncContext.complete, and change all syncs from the processor object to the request object (since it is available everywhere).
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BZ1399005: Add debug to max swallow input.
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BZ1399014: Fix CVE-2016-6816 request smuggling
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BZ1370182: Add syncing for Servlet 3.0 async to allow non container threads interaction. The extra sync shouldn't be too expensive.
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BZ1260566: Add utility class from Brian that allows formatting IPv6 addresses better. Patch submitted by Chao Wang.
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BZ1236910: Limit upload swallow size, patch ported by Lin Gao.
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BZ1266247: fix buffer sizes when using SSL (SSL engine has a size limit with no workaround), recurse unwrap if no bytes are decoded, simplify handshake.
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BZ1190298: Allow setting content-type in a 204 response, submitted by Enrique Gonzalez Martinez.
BZ1167203: Add another missing infinite timeout for NIO2.
Revert r2538 except leave all the plumbing and the sync cleanup.
- Harmonize read with write, it's simpler and passes all the tests.
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Fix regression with timeout handling with java.io (change back the default too, since it got changed maybe due to some confusion).
Add a sync and use remaining() instead of something more convoluted which could fail.
BZ1059511: Refix since the flag initial value should be on the protocol.
Follow up for BZ1059511: Add an extra for java.io. This functionality is almost useless, however.
BZ1075028: Limit size of chunk extensions per request [which have no use in Servlets].
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BZ1058424: Add support to check for connection: close as included by the web application. Submitted by Masafumi Miura (ported from Tomcat apparently).

Disabled by default so I am including it, the application should have no business trying to hack things in the protocol in the first place.

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BZ1059511: Add a DEFAULT_DISABLE_UPLOAD_TIMEOUT system property to go along with the others.
JBWEB-302: Make sure buffer state is right after sending an ack (and also add a loop to make sure everything is always written). Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.