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Web 7.5.18.
BZ1370182: Add syncing for Servlet 3.0 async to allow non container threads interaction. The extra sync shouldn't be too expensive.
BZ1341410: Port Tomcat parsing code fixes.
BZ1203510: Apply workaround patch to display statistics if possible with the NIO connector. Patch by Enrique Gonzalez Martinez.
[bz-1357678] Backporting fix for [BZ1302434] which resolves an issue where GET request parameters are duplicated

[bz-1357678] Creating a patch branch

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BZ1302434: Remove code block that seems useless (query string parameters will be parsed again, and is not used with a request body).
BZ1350444: CVE-2016-3092 DoS issue, port from Tomcat.
Web 7.5.17.
BZ1315982: Port fix for minor flaw in URL normalization.
Web 7.5.16
BZ1318006: Port fix for file conditions.
BZ1315598: Add session id length configuration, submitted by Enrique Gonzalez Martinez.
BZ1313202: Fix ordering problem parsing N* flags.
Web 7.5.15
Disable BZ1256325 fix: org.apache.tomcat.util.http.mapper.STRICT_WELCOME_FILES system property would need to be set to true.
Web 7.5.14
BZ1302555: Make max active sessions fully accurate.
BZ1260566: Add utility class from Brian that allows formatting IPv6 addresses better. Patch submitted by Chao Wang.
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BZ1256325: Implement strict welcome file processing for extension mappings. Submitted by Dmitrii Tikhomirov.
Web 7.5.13
BZ1307039: Add a simple timeout to handshake.
BZ1299058: Simplify syncing for output (also sync binary write, which is probably much less likely to cause issues since the processing is non existent, but it probably doesn't hurt).
[JBWEB-313] Prevent deadlock in WsRemoteEndpointImplServer.onWritePossible
[BZ-1299058] create one-off branch
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BZ1236910: Limit upload swallow size, patch ported by Lin Gao.
New 7.5.12 build.
BZ1266247: fix buffer sizes when using SSL (SSL engine has a size limit with no workaround), recurse unwrap if no bytes are decoded, simplify handshake.
BZ1241032: Remove version numbers. Submitted by baranowb.