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Web 7.5.15
Web 7.5.14
Web 7.5.13
New 7.5.12 build.
7.5.10 build

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A https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossweb/tags/JBOSSWEB_7_5_10_FINAL

Reverse merging 2610 from the release tag.
7.5.9 build
[JBPAPP-11219] create one-off patch branch
7.5.8 build
Web 7.5.7
7.5.6 build.
[hack the tag since it is not really released yet]

BZ1155189: As found out by Radim Hatlapatka, entropy can cause a delay in the middle of an IO operation. Move the entropy problem to the initial connection (unless the client sends messages concurrently).

New web build.
7.4.10 build.
7.5.4 build.
Web 7.5.3
Web 7.5.2
7.5.1.Final build.
7.5.0.Final build.
GA build.
Beta6 build.
Beta5 build.
Web 7.5.0 Beta 4
Beta3 build.
New beta2 build.
First build.
New 7.4.9 web build.

New 7.4.8 web build.