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7.4.0 beta tag, includes Websocket JSR (Java 7 required for this feature). For EAP 6.3.
Version number.
7.3.0 tag, effectively identical to the 7.2 branch. For EAP 6.2 maintenance.
[JBPAPP-10900] merge JBWEB-284
[JBPAPP-10900] create one-off branch
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_2_1_10_GA_JBPAPP-10900
  2. … 1532 more files in changeset.
- POM cleanup.

- Support newer JDT.

- Experiment with dropping recycling of the various runnables used for the processor, completion handlers, and other small utility structures (sendfile and channels in the "poller").

- Remove connection tracking (jio doesn't do it, so I don't understand why it is needed, closing the main channel is probably enough when stopping).

Add the marker JAR that allows enabling websockets in a webapp.
  1. /branches/7.4.x/res/enable-websockets/META-INF
    • binary
    • binary
- Port patch.

- Redo some threading, a number of operations need to be dispatched to other threads.

bz-1024481 - JBossWeb memory leak when using SSL + Java security manager

bz-1024481 - JBossWeb memory leak when using SSL + Java security manager

JBPAPP-10895 - JBossWeb memory leak with using SSL + Java security manager

Port patch adding per session view of user properties.
[JBPAPP-10891] commit JBWEB-284 one-off fix
[JBPAPP-10891] create one-off branch
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_2_1_12_GA_patch03_JBPAPP-10891
  2. … 1533 more files in changeset.
[JBWEB-284] backport fix for PageContextImpl IllegalStateException
[BZ-1022777] commit back-port fix
[BZ-1022777] create one-off branch
  1. … 1288 more files in changeset.
Port patch adding connection timeout to websockets.
JBWEB-281: Use genStringAsCharArray as used in AS.
JBWEB-282: Change cache to concurrent hash map due to concurrent startup.
Port websockets patches (array support + pass session to message handler method calls).
Port patch for generic type handling for WS components.
- Some more cleanups.

- Refactor again using a reusable semaphore.

Some cleanups.
- If upgrading, discard the IS and OS, the examples are not doing cleanup well enough.
Pour WS patch.
- Some exception reporting.

- Be careful about using processChannel.

- Refactor the non blocking mode of the NIO2 connector.

- Some debug code remains.