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Add some sync to avoid missing some event processing (hopefully).
Web 7.4 Beta 3
Web 7.4 Beta 3
Port patch to avoid deadlock closing during a write.
Guard against NPE here (java.io avoids NPEs in that situation).
Web 2.1.15.

Web 2.1.15.

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Fix for JBPAPP-10023.

Web 7.4 Beta 2
New beta
Port fix for minor security issue CVE-2014-0050 multipart DoS.
Port patch: filter out empty subprotocol.
Remove a number of setCCL since in web they are called from the regular servlet stack.
PojoMethodMapping didn't look like the right location in the end, trying the direct superclass constructor.
Revert as the WS spec is explicit about that (will see the test result).
Use setAccessible on reflection methods, just in case. If it fails, ignore.
Try to call onError if an error occurs during onClose.
Try some fixes.
Port patch: remove useless trim.
Port patch: close after IO error.
Another EL parser patch (not the last one since it has to do the same as the real EL parser without being a real EL parser).
Port additional fix.
Port space handling fixes.
Port Tomcat BZ56012: Imports now require a package
Port WS patch: upgrade behavior tweaks.
Name cleanup (flush became a blocking write of the remaining data).
Port patch for TC BZ56010: avoid IAE when using the constant for the default value.
Attempt another autoblocking technique. Uses a fake blocking write notification that would write all content and flush.
Obvious cleanup: don't wrap as an IOE if already a meaningful IOE.