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More for 1078204: Add missing aliases and some debug, submitted by Emmanuel Hugonnet.
New 7.4.7 web build.
Add missing patch for CVE-2014-0119, although it is hard to tell if it can be used in AS.
Update version numbers.
New 7.5 branch.
  1. … 1163 more files in changeset.
New 7.4.6 web build.
New web build.
Port code cleanup from Tomcat for exception handling.
BZ1106492: -1 is set for timeout, but the endpoint then uses the main connection timeout. Use instead max int like for NIO2 after an upgrade.
Related to BZ1100491: Switch to the Tomcat websockets code for IO. With an added sync for text buffers.
Related to BZ1100491: Switch to the Tomcat style for IO writes with the NIO2 connector for better reliability and results. Avoid some deadlocks caused by excessive locking.
Add a flag to return the full URI.
[BZ-1105394] merge fix
[BZ-1105394] create one-off branch
  1. /branches/JBOSSWEB_7_2_0_FINAL_BZ-1105394
  2. … 1001 more files in changeset.
Port Tomcat patch: fix again executor configuration.
BZ1100491: Cleanup (better looking sync).
Port patch from Tomcat: better URI handling.
Web 7.3.2
New web build.
Web 7.4.5
Web 7.4.5
BZ1104139: Tomcat sets an infinite timeout for IO on upgraded connections, so do the same.
Follow up on r2435: should do an initial notification when data is available.
BZ1100491: Add a little extra sync to avoid corruption, possibly caused by extra onWritePossible notifications.
[BZ-1101472] merge fix from BZ-1027272
[BZ-1103891] merge fix to JBWEB-297 NIO concurrency issue
[BZ-1097410] merge NIO EventPoller NPE fix
- BZ1103596: Does not fix the real cause, but avoid loop.

- Improve on notifications and input.

[BZ-1103019] merge fix