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Beta3 build.
Beta3 build.
Fix regression with timeout handling with java.io (change back the default too, since it got changed maybe due to some confusion).
New beta2 build.
Port patch for a fragmentation issue.
New beta2 build.
BZ1149211: Close some IS, submitted by Radim Hatlapatka.
Add a sync and use remaining() instead of something more convoluted which could fail.
BZ1059511: Refix since the flag initial value should be on the protocol.
Rebase on the Tomcat upstream websockets (1.1 + compression support).
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Follow up for BZ1059511: Add an extra for java.io. This functionality is almost useless, however.
BZ1123342: Needs alias support so try to rebase on the Tomcat code which has support for that along with many other fixes.
BZ1127283: Cut & paste issue for generating anonymous ciphers. Submitted by Radim Hatlapatka.
First build.
First build.
[JBPAPP-11181] merge fix for CVE-2013-4286
[JBPAPP-11181] create one-off branch
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BZ1008041: doGetUserPrincipal will be used by getRemoteUser to be consistent with getUserPrincipal.
BZ1095361: Warn for websockets initialization failure.
BZ1029491: resolveHosts should have been removed, but since it is in the domain model, it should be used.
Port websockets thread handling robustness fixes, that could have caused some issues on shutdown.
JBWEB-298: Should address NPE and problems on multiple inits of websockets.
BZ1075028: Limit size of chunk extensions per request [which have no use in Servlets].
BZ1058424: Add support to check for connection: close as included by the web application. Submitted by Masafumi Miura (ported from Tomcat apparently).

Disabled by default so I am including it, the application should have no business trying to hack things in the protocol in the first place.

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BZ961257: Full sync of the protocol handler init, to avoid SSL init issues. Remove now useless sync for OpenSSL syntax parsing.
BZ1059511: Add a DEFAULT_DISABLE_UPLOAD_TIMEOUT system property to go along with the others.
Related to EAP6-257: default httponly for sso to true since it probably doesn't hurt.
JBWEB-302: Make sure buffer state is right after sending an ack (and also add a loop to make sure everything is always written). Submitted by Aaron Ogburn.
[BZ-1126490] create session prior to Digest 401 so loadbalancers can maintain stickiness
New 7.4.9 web build.