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- Add system properties documentation.

- Ignore not found readme and stuff in DefaultServlet.

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- Remove duplication of PHP classes.
- As the API and functionality is a bit different from the Tomcat version, I think it is more appropriate

to move to a different package, at least for now.

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- Some javadocs clarifications on END.
- Get rid of event subtype. This removes the need to separate TIMEOUT from the other ERROR types.

Also removes the different sorts of END events, which are quite pointless.

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Use nicer images for default web page
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- Minor fixes.
- Add missing web.xml mapping.
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- New CR (includes fixes + the Jasper CL modification).
- New deps path.
- Fix JDT 3.3.1 location.

- Update commons-pool to 1.4.
- Finish removing of URL CL hardcoding.
Improve previous patch for Portal support.

Submittted by Thomas Heute.

- HTML manager fix.

- Manager session count fix.

- Installer file selection fix (will need some more work).

- Fix listener list initialization.
- Fix listener list initialization.
Display the attributes too.

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Fix JBWEB-97. So the phpservlet can be included (for Portal).

Typo in the error message.

Add a test for Dispatcher and improve TestSnoop servlet.

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- Add system property to be able to avoid system CL delegation if needed.
- Update minor deps.

- JULI should use stricter permissions.

- Package JBoss Logging with bootstrap.jar (putting it inside JULI with its new permissions causes weird errors).

- Removed anonymous class.
- Improve the wording a bit.
- Nested tags handling.

- Fix some JMX features.

- Change input to allow the internal filter chain to return that it read no bytes (this may happen in very

rare cases in non blocking with chunks). Also experimental, maybe some more changes are needed.

- No input swallowing when there's an error. It's quite experimental since this may cause delays or problems

when closing the socket.