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[KEYCLOAK-7898] Align versions to match EAP 7.1.4.CR1

KEYCLOAK-6866 Error 404 after changing locale while authenticating using X.509

[KEYCLOAK-7435] Added code to delete a specific session and tests for session deletion

KEYCLOAK-6229 OpenShift Token Review interface

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KEYCLOAK-7888 Update Fuse adapter examples to new CXF registration

KEYCLOAK-7751 Auth welcome page

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KEYCLOAK-7310 Add migration test from 3.4.x to 4.x

fixed the bom

KEYCLOAK-7876 Improve stability of fuse7 hawtio test

[KEYCLOAK-7872] Fix. Remove Identity Provider Mapper when remove identity provider

[KEYCLOAK-6547] - AuthenticatedActionsHandler should process responses after identity is established

KEYCLOAK-6314 Internal server error after T&C rejection

[KEYCLOAK-7868] fix correct condition for spring boot tests

Also ignore the AccountLinkSpringBootTest#testErrorConditions for now

until we have a clue why it does not work as intended

KEYCLOAK-7666 - adapter tests - eap6-fuse6 provider

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Fixed typo in misc/

[KEYCLOAK-7864] - Authorization claim not set in refresh token when issuing a new refresh token

KEYCLOAK-6577 KEYCLOAK-5609 Support dot in claim names by escaping with backslash

KEYCLOAK-7858 - OIDC servlet filter adapter OSGi support

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KEYCLOAK-7294: Password page - Angular

[KEYCLOAK-7849] - Improvements to RPT upgrade

[KEYCLOAK-7835] BrokerLinkAndTokenExchangeTest turned off

Until TOKEN_ECHANGE is enabled (means currently turned off

for prod profile)

KEYCLOAK-7816 Assume preview profile in authz tests

KEYCLOAK-7846: Add missing features.ts file

KEYCLOAK-7846: Turn off disallowed features

i18n : Unicode encoding issue in french email

One accentuated character was missing unicode escaping in french reset email translation.

KEYCLOAK-6707 change verfiyEmail tooltip

[KEYCLOAK-7827] - Missing org.jboss.logging dependency to keycloak-authz-client module

KEYCLOAK-7854: Tiny typo in

KEYCLOAK-4662 Keycloak adapter missing configuration attribute proxy-url

KEYCLOAK-7817 Update eap6.version in testsuite