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[KEYCLOAK-4374] Support SAML 2.0 AttributeValue of AnyType and nil

Merge pull request #4209 from guitaro/feature/group-search-and-pagination

[KEYCLOAK-2538] - groups pagination and group search

Merge pull request #4474 from hmlnarik/KEYCLOAK-5254-NPE-in-SAMLIdentityProvider

KEYCLOAK-5254 Fix NPE - NameID format is optional

Merge pull request #4497 from thomasdarimont/issue/KEYCLOAK-3599-add-script-based-protocol-mapper

KEYCLOAK-3599 Revise Script based OIDC ProtocolMapper

Merge pull request #4496 from patriot1burke/master


KEYCLOAK-3599 Revise Script based OIDC ProtocolMapper

We now use the `ScriptingProvider` API instead of

using the `ScriptEngineManager` because dynamic

`ScriptEngineManager` lookups might fail in some

environments like JBoss EAP.

Refactored `AbstractOIDCProtocolMapper` to provide

a new version of the `setClaim(..)` method which takes a

`KeycloakSession` as additional argument.

The old `setClaim(..)` method is marked as deprecated and

should be scheduled for removal in a later release.

To ensure backwards compatibility we call the old `setClaim(..)`

from the new `setClaim(..,keycloakSession)` method in order

to not break user implementations of OIDC ProtocolMappers.

The existing OIDC ProtocolMappers which override the old

`setClaim(..)` method should be updated to use the new version


This was necessary to be able to lookup a `ScriptingProvider`.

Merge pull request #4494 from patriot1burke/master


Merge pull request #4490 from Fiercely/master

Keycloak 2035

Merge pull request #4495 from thomasdarimont/issue/KEYCLOAK-3599-add-script-based-protocol-mapper

KEYCLOAK-3599 Add Script based OIDC ProtocolMapper

fix compiler bug

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

KEYCLOAK-2035 update with feedback from PR by bburke


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Merge pull request #4475 from mstruk/KEYCLOAK-5328

KEYCLOAK-5328 Documentation issue for kcadm.sh set-password command

Merge pull request #4492 from tisoft/KEYCLOAK-5510


Merge pull request #4493 from patriot1burke/master


KEYCLOAK-5586 Add support for testing cross dc tests on jboss-based containers

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Allow import of groups with missing subgroups.

Initial run of download-license-files.sh on license XMLs

Command line used:

find -path '*/src/main/resources/licenses' | while read -r r; do pushd "$r"; common/download-license-files.sh rh-sso/licenses.xml; common/download-license-files.sh keycloak/licenses.xml; popd; done

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Explicitly define the dependency for unpacking in js-adapter-zip.

This makes it visible to append-product-licenses.groovy and other plugins.

Port forward license data from maintenance, with improvements.

org.keycloak dependencies will be automatically added to the xml during the

build, removing the need for runs of download-license-files.sh every time the

keycloak version changes.

Documentation on "why and how" for the license data has also been added.

To reduce code duplication issues, plugin definitions are stored in

keycloak-parent, but only active in the projects that need them (not bound to

any phase by default). Also, the common files have been moved into

licenses/common/, so that a single symlink will suffice to replicate the

current and future files needed by the plugin executions. While the

assembly.xml definitions remain duplicated, they are fairly minimal and

shouldn't need to change often.

License data is available for all adapters shipped in the product, plus


The keycloak slot is populated with data, in addition to the rh-sso slot. A

number of the adapters don't depend on any third-party artifacts, so they have

(mostly) blank license.xml files.

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Keycloak 2035

This PR adds:

* an endpoint to Role that lists users with the Role

* a tab "Users in Role" in Admin console Role page

* it is applicable to Realm and Client Roles

* Extends UserQueryProvider with default methods (throwing Runtime Exception if not overriden)

* Testing in base testsuite and Console

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KEYCLOAK-5505 put tabindex in login page

Merge pull request #4482 from patriot1burke/master


Merge pull request #4487 from ssilvert/kc1250-big-commit

KEYCLOAK-5502: Fix install of node and yarn for account2 profile.

Merge pull request #4483 from vmuzikar/KEYCLOAK-5495

KEYCLOAK-5495 Update Arquillian Drone to 2.4.2

KEYCLOAK-5502: Fix install of node and yarn for account2 profile.