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MODE-1740 Updated entity hashCode() and equals() methods to handle null IDs

These changes correct the hashCode and equals methods on three Entity

classes so that these methods work when the entity IDs (which are

configured to be automatically set by JPA) have not yet been set.

change "Long" on "long"

MODE-1708 - Added "queryable" flag both at the document level and the CacheNode level. The purpose of the flag is to allow nodes and/or node hierarchies to not be indexed. The flag can be set both for internal nodes and external nodes, allowing connectors the explicitly mark nodes are not queryable.

MODE-1708 - Fixed indexing of external nodes when they are changed in a session. Updated the MockConnectorTest with query tests

MODE-1344 Support the shredding of the new Model Extension properties being added to the Teiid Models Updated MED helper class to use new NamespaceRegistry methods.

MODE-1724 Added a public API for NamespaceRegistry

This extension of the standard javax.jcr.NamespaceRegistry contains

two useful methods that are efficiently implemented and more difficult

and expensive to do with the standard API.

MODE-1699 Refactored common code for AbstractAddBinaryStorage

MODE-1699 Added AS7 support for minimum string size

Added support to the subsystem for AS7 to separately configure the

minimum size of string values that are to be stored inside the

binary store. Like with the regular JSON configuration, the minimum

string size defaults to whatever the minimum binary size is.

MODE-1699 Added separate limit for string storage in binary store

Added a separate configuration field to set the minimum size for

string values that should be stored in the binary store. This is

separate from the existing 'minimumBinarySizeInBytes' value,

though it will default to that 'minimumBinarySizeInBytes' value.

All unit and integration tests pass.

MODE-1733 Added several concurrency tests that use persistent caches

None of the tests fail at this point.

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MODE-1344 Support the shredding of the new Model Extension properties being added to the Teiid Models The model sequencer has been modified to sequence model extension definitions (MEDs) found in a model file. For each MED, a namespace is registered in the namespace registry. Namespace prefix and/or URI collisions are accounted for. For each extended metaclass within a MED, a mixin is created and registered. Since Teiid Designer has changed the class names of some model objects, the sequencer had to handle that. The mixin includes a property for each property definition defined in the MED. For each model object that has explicit extension properties set, or just is of the type of an extended metaclass that has default properties, the mixin is added to the corresponding node.

ModelSequencer is now closing the binary input stream it requested from the Property parameter in the execute method. Not closing this

ended up causing deadlock issues in some tests.

MODE-1732 - Reverted autoboxing for integer values

MODE-1732 - Updated code after rebase on master.

MODE-1732 - Implemented an mechanism for connectors to provide their own "external binaries" implementation, which aren't stored in the repository's binary store and which the DocumentTranslator "understands"

MODE-1734 Corrected 'write-skew' error in Schematic

Added logic to explicitly lock the entry before a copy of the state

is made. Infinispan only allows explicit locks to be used when

PESSIMISTIC locking is enabled, and throws an exception (and rolls

back the transaction) when OPTIMISITIC locking is enabled.

Therefore, the locking is performed conditionally based upon the

cache configuration, though it determined efficiently at startup of

SchematicDb rather than each time a proxy is needed.

See MODE-1734 for much more detail about write-skew and why this

solution works.

With these changes, the concurrent modification tests added in the

previous commit(s) all pass.

MODE-1734 Added unit test to replicate concurrency problem

MODE-1736: Move repository to local pom.xml

MODE-1736: Remove assembly profile

MODE-1736: Add JCA adaptor directly to binary distribution assembly

MODE-1736: Remove already declared dependencies

MODE-1735 - Added a "removeProjection" method on FederationManager, which basically removes a federated segment from a federated node, leaving everything else unchanged.

MODE-1736: Readme, copyright

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MODE-1736: Add jca module assembly descriptor

MODE-1736: Remove explicit version reference

MODE-1736: Add IronJacamar dependencies into dependency management section

MODE-1735 - Changed the cleanup of federated segments to be done via the parent node.

MODE-1735 - Updated remove mechanism, so that when deleting federated nodes or above, external nodes aren't deleted; and when deleting projections the segments are cleared on the parent node.

MODE-1734 Added unit test to replicate concurrency problem

MODE-1711 Removed unused imports

MODE-1701 - Updated repository JGroups configuration, so that a classpath located XML file can also be specified.

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