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Updated release notes for 3.0.0.Beta2

Merge branch 'MODE-1360' of into hchiorean-MODE-1360

MODE-1360 - Added test which validates that the fix for MODE-1546 (document.clone) fixes the ConcurrentModificationException when multiple threads are writing nodes to a repository.

Also, cleaned up some of the javadoc for the BinaryStore interface.

MODE-1338 Convert Teiid sequencer to the new 3.0 sequencing API Commiting to remote fork of all work done so far. I am upgrading OS X version so want to make sure I have a backup.

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MODE-1546 - Fixed document.clone related issues and with that hopefully the intermittent failures

MODE-1524 Removed unused import and reformatted imports & comments.

Merge branch 'MODE-1524' of into hchiorean-MODE-1524

Merge branch 'mode-1448' of into rhauch-mode-1448

Corrected compiler and JavaDoc warnings.

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MODE-1448 Changed the DatabaseBinaryStore test cases to use the existing database test properties

We already had a way for tests to obtain the connection information for the database that should

be used, and this was tied into our database-related Maven profiles (so we could execute the tests

against different DBMSes by just changing the build command).

Also changed the single DatabaseBinaryStore constructor into two different constructors: one that

uses a JDBC DataStore in JNDI, and another that uses JDBC connection properties. Having two helps

separate out the functionality and makes it easier to know which parameters can be null in various


MODE-1524 - Disabled (by commenting out) the addition of advanced externalizers to the LocalEnvironment

Merge branch 'MODE-1565' of into hchiorean-MODE-1565

MODE-1448 Resolved merge conflict



MODE-1565 - Added a profile: ispn515 which allows us to build against Infinispan 5.1.5.Final and JGroups 3.1.0.Final

MODE-1575 - Fixed deserialization of schematic Binary values

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MODE-1573 - Fixed the import/export of binary values for document views

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MODE-1570 - Fixed JGroups not determining the correct physical address when enabling ipv6.

MODE-1448: Use transient store as temporary intermediate store

MODE-1568 - Fixed the fact that surefire ignored the ipv4 or ipv6 profiles (and any other system properties from the parent.pom)

MODE-1558 - Updated the release of thread pools, to call eventually shutdownNow

MODE-1448: Handle duplicate inserts

MODE-1558 -The workers of the RepositoryChangeBus should be stopped when the bus is shut down.

MODE-1555 - Updated the TCK tests to use the system property known.issues in order to ignore failing tests. In addition, updated all the TCK related test suites, so that the ModeShape engine is shut down at the end of each suite run.

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MODE-1562 changed getResourceLength impl

removed null check

MODE-1562 changed getResourceLength impl

removed null check

MODE-1546 - Cleaned up and fixed some issues in the attempt to fix the intermittent failures: - fixed the dispatching of workspace events if a transaction fails - JcrObservationManager: cleaned up some multi-threaded code and improved performance in some cases by not retrieving nodes from the schematic db - TextExtractors - added a way to shut them down and shutdown the executor - update the creation of Executors, so that they use NamedThreadFactory

MODE-1448: Unit tests

'Release: update versions for modeshape-3.0.0.Beta1'

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Updated release notes for 3.0.0.Beta1

MODE-1448: Add strategy helper