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MODE-702 JPA Connector Doesn't Support Apache Derby This works now with Hibernate 3.5.2 (which we were already using) and Derby 8.1.2 (which is the latest version). The attached patch modifies the parent POM to add a database profile for Derby which can be used to verify this.

The JPA connector tests pass with this profile if and only if a fix for MODE-1015 is applied.

MODE-1015 ModeShape unit tests are failing with DB2 9.7

As noted in the accompanying JIRA, the root cause of this issue is that DB2 (and Derby) use a binary data type for JPA LOBs with a maximum size of 255 unless a different size is explicitly provided. Most, if not all, non-trivial uses of ModeShape require a larger value for the two LOB fields in the JPA Simple model.

This patch addresses the problem in several ways. First, it provides larger default values for the two LOB columns (MODE_SIMPLE_NODE.DATA and MODE_LARGE_VALUES.DATA) that ModeShape uses. Second, it adds comments in the model classes for the JPA entities that contain these fields. Third, it adds a detailed note in the JPA Connector of the Reference Guide explaining how to address these issues in a production environment. Fourth, it modifies the DDL generator utility to output a warning when DDL is generated for the DB2 or Derby dialects.

Merge branch 'MODE-986' of into bcarothers-MODE-986

Merge branch 'MODE-1101' of into bcarothers-MODE-1101

Added integration test that uses the import file from the JIRA

MODE-1165 Guvnor import fails due to constraint exceptions

The JCR import code was correctly deferring constraint checks for single-valued reference properties until after all nodes had been loaded, allowing it to handle forward references (i.e., references to nodes that have not yet been processed in the import file). However, the JCR import code was not deferring the constraint check for multi-valued reference properties.

The attached patch corrects this behavior and adds some tests to verify the new behavior.

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Merge pull request #89 from bcarothers/MODE-1167

MODE-1167 Misspelling in SystemPropertyFactory

MODE-1167 Misspelling in SystemPropertyFactory

Fixed misspelling.

MODE-986 FileSystemConnector should perform validation on filenamefilter

Per the discussion in the JIRA comments, the attached patch modifies RepositoryService so that exceptions encountered while setting properties on repository sources are stored in the problems instead of being logged. The patch also adds a test case to verify the specific behavior described in the JIRA.

Merge pull request #86 from vhalbert/mode-1098

MODE-1098 merging the changes to include the ModeShapeConfiguration and ExecutionContext to use (pass-thru) the SystemPropertyFactory when parsing the configuration xml file or stream.

Changed so that when a configuration file is loaded, via file or url, it will support property substitution

MODE-1101 The SVN connector does not work properly with "svn://" URL format

THe SVN connector was using different offsets in the directory tree for reads and writes. As a result, the connector would calculate the wrong path for almost any file or folder that was to be written and default to dropping the file or folder in the root of the repository. The attached patch corrects this misalignment.

A new test is added, but the test requires the presence of a writable SVN repository - a luxury that is not generally available.

MODE-1034 WebDAV service should support customizing the node types that are treated as files

Attached patch breaks out the existing content mapping into a ContentMapper interface and a DefaultContentMapper implementation that implements the existing behavior. Updaated reference guide accordingly. All tests pass.

MODE-1098 changed so that when a configuration file is loaded, via file or url, it will support property substitution

'Release: update versions for modeshape-2.5.0.Final'

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Updated release notes

Merged pull request #85 from rhauch/mode-1162.

MODE-1162 Added ability to expose repository metadata

MODE-1162 Cleaned up unused classes and recent changes

Removed the package and the four JAXB binding classes, which are no longer used. Also fixed a catch clause, and moved the 'getRepositoryMetadata(...)' from the AbstractHandler to the ServerHandler class. These were all suggested in the review of the first pull request for this issue.

All unit and integration tests pass.

MODE-1162 Added ability to expose repository metadata

After quite a bit of discussion with Brian about possible ways to implement this, we settled upon the following.


will return information about each of the repositories, and in each will be a new "metadata" value with all of the JCR repository's descriptor key-value pairs. For example:



"repository": {



"metadata" : {

"" : "Content Repository for Java Technology API",

"jcr.specification.version" : "2.0",

"" : "ModeShape JCR Repository",

"jcr.repository.vendor.url" : "",

"jcr.repository.version" : "2.6.0.FINAL",

"option.versioning.supported" : "true",

... etc. ...





Note the addition of the "metadata" section.

The RESTful Client API was changed to support reading these if there, and will populate an immutable Map returned by a new Repository.getMetadata() method. If the metadata is not returned by the server, this map will be empty (but not null).

These changes were made to the codebase, and several unit tests were modified to verify this behavior. The Reference Guide was also updated to reflect this change. All unit and integration tests pass.

MODE-32 Implemented sequencer for XML Schema Documents

Created a new 'modeshape-sequencer-xsd' module that parses and sequences XSDs. It uses the Eclipse XSD library (which is based on EMF). The XSD sequencer outputs a structure that was designed to mirror the proposed S-RAMP spec (which is currently still in OASIS Technical Committee), and so there is a S-RAMP namespace and a few base node types defined in a new 'modeshape-sequencer-sramp' module.

I had initially tried and would have preferred to use the XSOM parser library (which has a far better API and actually follows Maven best practices), but had severe trouble resolving imports/includes where Eclipse XSD appears to work much better so far.

All unit and integration tests pass. Also, the reference guide was updated with a new chapter for the XSD sequencer.

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MODE-1156 Client JAR is now included in distribution

The client JAR (which is actually the 'modeshape-jdbc-<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar' file) is now copied into the 'modeshape-distribution/target' directory and renamed to 'modeshape-<version>-client.jar', and is also placed into the 'modeshape-<version>' file. The release script was also changed to copy the information into the archive directory.

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MODE-1155 Added test to verify I18n messages exist for related annotations

Added several unit tests that check the existence and validity of I18n constants and messages for all annotations referencing them. These annotations, such as @Label, @Description, and @Category, reference the I18n messages by string value rather than I18n reference.

Note that a helper method was added to the AbstractI18nTest that is used in each module that uses I18n constants. This allows test methods to be easily added for any object that has such annotations.

Adding these tests pointed out quite a few mismatches between the string values and the I18n message keys. These were corrected, and all unit and integration tests now pass.

Merge branch 'MODE-1091' of into bcarothers-MODE-1091

MODE-1091 JPA connector: Extension of JPA connector's configuration with default DB schema

Added missing I18n fields and values. Thanks for catching that, Randall!

MODE-1091 JPA connector: Extension of JPA connector's configuration with default DB schema

Added a schemaName property to JpaSource, modified the Hibernate connection code as described in the JIRA issue, and updated the Reference Guide.

Thanks are due to Dmitri for noting this and providing the fix!