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MODE-1197 Removed JBoss Maven repository settings from our POM

Having a "repositories" and "pluginRepositories" sections in our parent POM makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to host the ModeShape artifacts in any other repository, including the Maven central repository.

This change removes those sections from the parent POM and places them in a new "settings.xml" file. This means that developers that don't want to change their "~/.m2/settings.xml" file can simply add the "-s settings.xml" argument to all Maven commands. For details on how to configure Maven, see the wiki page.

The following procedure was used to test these changes:

removed the 'repositories' and 'pluginRepositories' sections from our parent POM;

1. renamed my '~/.m2/settings.xml' file and '~/.m2/repositories' directory so they wouldn't be used;

2. added to the root of our codebase a 'settings.xml' file that specified the JBoss Maven repository in the 'repositories' and 'pluginRepositories' sections; and

3. ran 'mvn -Passembly clean install -s settings.xml' to successfully build all artifacts (except JavaDoc and assemblies), downloading everything Maven needed (i.e., the whole internet)

The build worked fine.

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Corrected the case of the Git repository in the README

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