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MODE-1605 Added a kit for AS7.2

The existing resources used in the kit for AS7.1 were changed slightly so that we can have another set of

resources for an AS7.2 kit. The "modeshape-distribution" module now always builds both 7.1 and 7.2 kits,

although by default it only tests the kit for 7.1. To test with 7.2 (which is currently only in Alpha1-SNAPSHOT),

use the "-Pas72" profile.

Verified that all normal builds (no profile, or with the "integration" or "assembly" profiles) pass successfully,

and that they also pass when adding the "as72" profile to these builds.

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MODE-1526 - Added the purge=false attribute to the local caches configuration which preserves the data between restarts. However, this exposes the problem from MODE-1520. To work around this, we're repacking the ISPN main module and we should revert this at some point (MODE-1534)

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MODE-1515 - Updated classloading mechanism used for components

Since AS7 uses modules dedicated classloaders, it was necessary to update the way in which components (sequencers, extractors etc) are loaded. The solution was to move the classloader creation to the Environment (with the dedicated LocalEnvironment and RepsitoryService implementations) and to use a new class loader implementation: DelegatingClassLoader. This implementation uses an inner list of class loader and delegates each operation to them. In the case of AS7, there is a delegate class loader which uses the ModuleLoader to find the classloader for each module.

The changes also contain an update to the common package: the component package and most of its unused classes have been removed. The classes which are still used have been moved to .util.

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MODE-1515 - Extracted AS7 "common" module and fixed the dependencies between modules.

Extracting the common module did bring up a small issue in that i18n resources from other modules (e.g. main) could not be loaded. The reason what that the ClasspathLocalizationRepository always used its own CL to load the .properties file, which doesn't work with the AS7 classloading mechanism. The solution was to simplify the loading and always use the class loader of the i18n class which we're trying to localize.

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MODE-1515 - Added a separate AS7 module for each sequencer inside the AS7 distribution kit

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MODE-872 - Fixed the AS7 distribution across the integration and assembly profiles

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MODE-1508 Corrected ModeShape module for AS7

Merged the AS7 modules for the built-in sequencers into the 'org.modeshape' module. Other sequencers that depend on 'org.modeshape.jcr.api' can always be added as separate modules.

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MODE-1435 Continued work on ModeShape's AS7 subsystem

With these changes, the ModeShape subsystem is working well, can be configured via the 'standalone.xml' configuration file (the kit includes a 'standalone-modeshape.xml' file with a sample repository already configured), and can be configured and managed via the AS7 Command Line Interface (CLI) tool. The latter required adding and registering OperationStepHandler implementations (e.g., RepositoryWriteAttributeHandler, SequencerWriteAttributeHandler, IndexStorageWriteAttributeHandler, and BinaryStorageWriteAttributeHandler) to make the model node attributes for the services be writable. Many of the attributes for the repository and sequencer services do not require restart, since they automatically and immediately update the configuration for the (running) repository. An AbstractRepositoryConfigurationWriteAttributeHandler class was created to centralize all this logic, and relies upon a new MappedAttributeDefinition interface was defined to supplement some of the attribute definitions with the path within the repository configuration's JSON document, allowing the abstract handler to generically update the repository configuration for any such attribute definition.

The kit installs several AS7 modules: several for ModeShape (as before this change), one for the Hibernate Search engine, and one for Lucene. This commit changes the HSearch and Lucene modules to use specific slots (other than "main") so that if the Hibernate Search team (or anyone else) produces more 'standard' modules, our modules will not interfere. (I worked with Sanne Grinovero and Scott Marlow on the module IDs, so technically if they define modules with the same IDs but with 'master', our slots will merge into modules.)

Additionally, prior to this commit there were a 'remove-*-binary-storage' operation for each 'add-*-binary-storage' operation, and a 'remove-*-index-storage' operation for each 'add-*-index-storage' operation. Now, the 'add-*' operations still exist, but there is only one 'remove-index-storage' operation that handles removing all index storage types, and one 'remove-binary-storage' operation that handles removing all binary storage types. This makes configuring the index and binary storage options much easier.

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MODE-1435 Corrected ModeShape subsystem for AS7

Corrected the ModeShape subsystem for AS7 so that repository deployments are done correctly and that the RESTful service now correctly exposes all repository content. Additional fixes include:

- all dependencies are represented within AS7 modules,

- Hibernate Search is correctly initialized,

- the XSD for the subsystem XML is renamed to allow for more versions in the future, and

- the XML configuration for the subsystem no longer creates empty elements

The ModeShape Kit for AS7 now installs on top of AS 7.1.0.Final and will automatically start a "sample" repository.

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MODE-1435 Refactored ModeShape subsystem for AS7

Redesigned the XML schema for the ModeShape subsystem, incorporating all of the features

that we'll want to have included in the configuration. Also changed significantly how

the XML elements and attributes are processed and written, and separated them from the

AttibuteDefinitions used in the model (which are now used to parse the XML literals into

the model values and marshal the model values into XML). This new design was patterned

after Infinispan's subsystem and relies more upon code provided by DMR and AS7.

There are operations for adding and removing sequencers, index stores and binary stores;

other operations will be added in later commits.

Finally, a number of additional tests were added to more thoroughly test the subsystem

and various configurations, including reading and writing the XML configurations

and comparing to expected JSON configurations.

Much of this change was patterned after the Infinispan subsystem.

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MODE-1442 Added the admin role by default, to the admin user, as part of the AS kit

MODE-1439 More changes to get AS 7 kit working

Additional changes to support running the ModeShape subsystem within AS 7. There still are

some issues, but they will be addressed with MODE-1435 and MODE-1437.

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MODE-1412: Corrected dependency name in modeshape main module.

MODE-1383: Bound the ModeShape engine to JNDI using jcr/local

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MODE-1412: Upgaded subsystem to JBossAS 7.1.1.Final

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MODE-1319a: Added Sequencers

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MODE-1382: Changed to add each repository instance as a new service with a dependency on the ModeShape engine service. The AS 7 configuration values will be used as the RepositoryConfiguration and JcrEngine.deploy(RepositoryConfiguration) will be called during start() on each service instance.

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MODE-1387: Removed extra folder under modules and removed unneeded depencies from the org.modeshape module

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MODE-1384 Changed JBoss AS7 kit assembly to use project version variable

Previously, the '3.0-SNAPSHOT' was hardcoded. Plus, some of the Maven modules were

referencing 'modeshape-jcr-redux', which was just replaced by 'modeshape-jcr'.

Even with a clean Maven repository, the build works well.

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MODE-1381: Removed unneeded dependencies from modules and removed extraneous interface from services.

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MODE-1381: Added JcrEngine as a service

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MODE-1220: Added initial ModeShape susbsytem with a repository child node and updated build to create a deployable ModeShape kit for AS7.

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