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MODE-2684 Removes the compile time dependency of modeshape-core towards Apache Tika The mime type extraction functionality will still function as-is if Tika is present, but now there is also an independent extension-based default which will be used if Tika is not present in the CP at runtime

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MODE-2674 Adds the ability to pass custom Hikari configuration options to the relational db provider It configures the "minimumIdle" property to a default of 1, meaning only 1 idle connection should be in the pool at any time. It changes the structure of the WF kit by removing the custom Hikari module (which had just 1 resource) and moving that dependency inside the persistence-relational module. It also updates the Hikari version to 2.6.1.

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MODE-2634 Replaces ConcurrentLinkedHashmap with Caffeine 2.3.3 The former is dormant and was designed for pre JDK 8 while the latter is the current active project which uses JDK 8

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MODE-2593 Adds datasource support to the Database Binary Store This uses the same datasource implementation (Hikari) that is being used by the relational persistent storage. This artifact has also been promoted as a top-level artifact in the WF kit.

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MODE-2569 Adds file-persistence to the Wildfly kit This also changes the way the kit integration tests are run so that the actual WF xml configuration files from the kit are used instead of local test-copies.

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MODE-2563 Ports the ModeShape AS kit to Wildfly 10. The current kit is also backwards-compatible to Wildfly 9, to it will still work with this version as well.

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