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MODE-2488 Moved the ModeShape AS subsystem to Wildfly 9.0.0.Final.

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MODE-2423 Moved to ISPN 7.2.0.CR1

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MODE-2454 Changed the WF kit to use Infinispan as local modules(libraries) and not as a subsystem.

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MODE-2411 Extended the default JAAS provider to be able to interact with the JBoss container's SecurityManagementService. This should make sure whatever caching is configured via the container is being leveraged by ModeShape.

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MODE-2293 Removed MapDB as a separate module and changed it to be a local resource of the modeshape.main module.

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MODE-2285 Corrected the index and index provider beahvior of the ModeShape subsystem for Wildfly

Several issues were fixed and tested.

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MODE-2088 Updated the RingBuffer implementation and finished the CircularChangeBus which is now used by the repository.

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MODE-2088 Added WildFly support for the disruptor and changed/fixed various repository shutdown issues exposed by the current disruptor based bus.

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MODE-2188 Added management of index providers to Wildfly subsystem

It is now possible to manage the index providers using the Wildfly configuration and CLI tools.

Additionally, ModeShape is no longer dependent upon Lucene or Hibernate Search.

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Added explicit exporting of the 'org.joda.time' dependency as it is required by clients when MapDB deserializes journal entries (which contain DateTime instances in the change sets).

MODE-2079 Changed the way clustering works so that ModeShape will always use the Infinispan JGroups channel as opposed to requiring a separate configuration.

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MODE-2065 Ported the EAP kit to Wildfly 8.0.0.CR1. This exposed a number of issues that had to be addressed: - using Servlet 3.1 compliant containers meant upgrading Cargo & Jetty to 9.x - WebDAV mock tests together with dependencies were removed because they added no value - upgraded to the latest EE BOM which meant changing the Arquillian tests

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