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MODE-2566 Upgrades to OpenCMIS 1.0.0 and explicitly advertises CMIS 1.1 as the supported version for repositories

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MODE-2528, MODE-2558 Integrates the new relational provider with the Wildfly kit Also, it fixes some of the SchematicDB caching and locking logic, to avoid certain cases when data read before locking could be stale and therefore cause overall corruption by overwriting previous updates.

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MODE-2488 Changed the subsystem API to be binary compatible both with Wildfly 8 and Wildfly 9.

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MODE-2325 Excluded also the SAAJ artifacts from the WF CMIS webapp, as they may cause conflicts at runtime with the default server modules.

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MODE-2325-3.x Fixed the problem of duplicate JARs inside the CMIS webapp and also removed for the EAP version of the webapp the explicit SAAJ jars which might cause problems.

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MODE-2129 Fixed the deployment of the CMIS webapp inside EAP. The solution was to avoid using the default EAP WS stack (which uses CXF) since the CMIS webapp already has pre-packaged the RI jars. In addition, reverted the changes from MODE-1913 since not using the default EAP WS stack fixes the restart issue as well.

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MODE-1944 Migrated ModeShape EAP kit to EAP 6.1.0.GA. This presented a number of challenges: - RestEASY 2.3.6 excludes explicity a dependency required by resteasy-multipart-provider/apache.james. For this to work, it had to be re-added with the scope "runtime" - Deploying exploded webapps does not work anymore (for whatever reason...). This means that our EAP kit had to be changed to provide packaged .war files for the web application. This brought forth several issues around the subsystem and the content of the wars which was fixed.

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