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Fix typos in ModeShape schemas

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MODE-2674 Adds the ability to pass custom Hikari configuration options to the relational db provider It configures the "minimumIdle" property to a default of 1, meaning only 1 idle connection should be in the pool at any time. It changes the structure of the WF kit by removing the custom Hikari module (which had just 1 resource) and moving that dependency inside the persistence-relational module. It also updates the Hikari version to 2.6.1.

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MODE-2532, MODE-2532 Added S3 endpoint support

Added changes to:

-Added additional overloaded constructor to take 'endpoint' as an parameter

-Updated schema file to support this additional parameter (as optional to keep backward compatibility).

-Repository config files so it uses endpoint


"name": "Test Repository",

"storage": {

"binaryStorage": {

"type": "s3",

"username": "access_key",

"password": "secrey",

"bucketName": "modeshape_bucket",

"endPoint": "https://some3scompatiblestorage"




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MODE-2635 Makes the host and port configurations optional so that they can be used interchangeably with host addresses

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MODE-2635 Adds replica set support for the Mongo binary store to the JSON and WF configs

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MODE-1446 Adds BinaryStorage option for Amazon S3

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MODE-2077 Adds the ability to use DB locking to the WF kit

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MODE-2600 Adds the "workspaces" index definition attribute to the WF kit

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MODE-2591 Changes the name of the datasource JNDI attribute for the DB persistence This should now match the other DS JNDI names used by the database binary store and JDBC metadata connector

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MODE-2574, MODE-2575 Adds configuration support for the Cassandra and MongoDB binary stores The support is added both in the JSON and the Wildfly kit, based on the current code (i.e. in terms of configuration options). This also fixes a number of other JBoss AS kit issues, exposed by the enhancement of the JBoss AS subsystem tests.

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MODE-2569 Adds file-persistence to the Wildfly kit This also changes the way the kit integration tests are run so that the actual WF xml configuration files from the kit are used instead of local test-copies.

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MODE-2528, MODE-2558 Integrates the new relational provider with the Wildfly kit Also, it fixes some of the SchematicDB caching and locking logic, to avoid certain cases when data read before locking could be stale and therefore cause overall corruption by overwriting previous updates.

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MODE-2555 Adds the support of expressions to the <node-types/> WF configuration element This also introduces a more generic ability for a repository configured in WF to use the CL of another external (dependant) module when resolving configuration elements such as initial content files and node type files

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MODE-2556 Adds the ability to enable/disable the journal from the JSON/WF configuration

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MODE-2546 Adds the ability to configure the lock timeout This also changes the previous implementation of the StandaloneLockingService and adds some more tests.

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MODE-2542 Adds the ability to cluster ModeShape repositories using dedicated JGroups channels This a semantical rollback of, but with a simplified configuration: ModeShape now has a built-in default for the JGroups configuration file and the WF kit supports both a separate JGroups configuration file and also a built-in server-defined stack.

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MODE-2540 Removes the ISPN binary store support.

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MODE-2529 Removes the "cacheTtlSeconds" setting and replaces it with a "cacheable" flag This also cleans up some of the code for as most of those abstractions weren't really required.

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MODE-2526 Replaces the workspace cache with a simple LRU cache based on a ConcurrentLinkedMap This is also updates both the JSON configuration and the Wildfly configuration with a simple setting - "cacheSize" - which controls the maximum number of elements from the workspace cache.

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