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MODE-2526 Replaces the workspace cache with a simple LRU cache based on a ConcurrentLinkedMap This is also updates both the JSON configuration and the Wildfly configuration with a simple setting - "cacheSize" - which controls the maximum number of elements from the workspace cache.

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MODE-2454 Changed the WF kit to use Infinispan as local modules(libraries) and not as a subsystem.

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MODE-2188 Added management of index providers to Wildfly subsystem

It is now possible to manage the index providers using the Wildfly configuration and CLI tools.

Additionally, ModeShape is no longer dependent upon Lucene or Hibernate Search.

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MODE-1944 Migrated ModeShape EAP kit to EAP 6.1.0.GA. This presented a number of challenges: - RestEASY 2.3.6 excludes explicity a dependency required by resteasy-multipart-provider/apache.james. For this to work, it had to be re-added with the scope "runtime" - Deploying exploded webapps does not work anymore (for whatever reason...). This means that our EAP kit had to be changed to provide packaged .war files for the web application. This brought forth several issues around the subsystem and the content of the wars which was fixed.

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MODE-1784 - Added a <webapp/> element to the ModeShape AS7 subsystem which allows any web application packaged under the "deployments" folder of the ModeShape main module, to be deployed by the subsystem. This replaces the previous "static" way of copying web applications directly from the kit in the servers "deployments" directory.

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