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MODE-2353 Fixed the Infinispan tx listener in case multiple writer threads using different threads are active.

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MODE-2325-3.x Fixed the problem of duplicate JARs inside the CMIS webapp and also removed for the EAP version of the webapp the explicit SAAJ jars which might cause problems.

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Added an additional integration test which verifies writing via the FSConnector in WF/EAP.



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MODE-2288 Fixed the configuration of manual sequencers in Wildfly.

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MODE-2242 Added back 'modeshape-security' security domain, though it now uses existing 'ApplicationRealm' to manage users/roles

Changed back to a "modeshape-security" security domain that reuses the existing "ApplicationRealm" security realm for authentication. So users with ModeShape roles are still added via the EAP script (resulting in encrypted passwords).

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MODE-2242 Changed the default security domain to "other" and adapted the existing tests to overwrite the default, still allowing the use of the modeshape-users and modeshape-roles properties files.

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MODE-2228 Fixed the way anonymous roles are parsed and validated and changed the default anonymous role for the EAP kit to be only "readonly".

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MODE-2228 Fixed the way anonymous roles are parsed and validated.

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Updated artifacts version to 3.8.1.GA and changed the GitConnector tests to reflect the structure of the repository.

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MODE-2208 Added RBAC for ModeShape's root resource and sensitive security-related attributes.

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MODE-2168 Added support for EAP 6.2 and refactored the name of the EAP kit.

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