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MODE-1849 - Changed AS7 kit to EAP kit and updated the build system so that new kit and integration tests work against EAP 6.1.Alpha1

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MODE-1587 - Updated the modeshape distribution so that it runs on a AS7.2 server and re-enabled the integration tests modules. However, for a local build to work, one needs for the time being a locally installed (via Maven) version of AS7.2.

In the process of updating the kit, a couple of other things were updated:

- exception processing around WritableSessionCache#persistChanges

- logging of exceptions / errors in the ModeShape Webdav Servlet

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MODE-1764 - Updated the AS7 kit that will be provided as part of 3.2 - the former 7.1.1.kit has been removed (together will assemblies) because ISPN 5.2 is not compatible with AS7.1.1 - removed the modeshape-integration-tests folder as that was ported from 2.x and either the corresponding tests have been ported in various other places in 3.x or they no do apply anymore (connectors) - changed our AS7 distribution kit to as72 - since integration with AS7.2.0 is still WIP, the integration modules have been commented out

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MODE-1286 Added Git connector module for AS7

Added the files that produce the AS7 module for the Git connector

and include this module in the ModeShape AS7 assemblies.

Note that this connector module (and other connectors) will need to be

referenced in the configuration of the connector, in the same way that

the sequencer configurations have to specify the sequencer module.

This also adds the "git" and "gitconnector" aliases to the

RepositoryConfiguration class.

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MODE-1675 - Changed the build so that modeshape-client.jar is a publishable artifact during the "assembly" profile

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MODE-1563 - Added JCR integration for the initial import handler

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MODE-1639, MODE-1640, MODE-1634 Replaced the Aperture-based MIME type detector with a Tika-based one

This required quite a bit of dependency gymnastics, since Tika has quite a few more transitive

dependencies than the Aperture library (which we had successfully pared down several years ago).

Tika references about 25 dependencies (including transitive dependencies), but this was reduced

in 'modeshape-jcr' to about 8 for basic MIME type detection. Note that Tika usually includes

two BouncyCastle libraries in its dependencies (used for encrypted PDFs, among other things),

but ModeShape intentionally excludes these (as we don't want to ship or depend on any

security-related JARs).

Not only do we get Tika's substantial MIME type database, we've made it possible for users

to edit the 'org/modeshape/custom-mimetypes.xml' file and provide the updated one on the application

classpath. What goes in that file will overwrite all of the other sources (namely Tika's built-in

file and its customization file, both of which are to be found on the classpath), which means

it's easiest to simply provide an updated version of this file at 'org/modeshape/custom-mimetypes.xml'.

Be sure to not remove any of the (few) customizations that ModeShape includes - those are important.

As we upgrade Tika, we'll get updated versions of the media type data. This is far more preferable

than having a ModeShape-specific version.

The MIME type related interfaces in ModeShape's public API (e.g., 'modeshape-jcr-api') have been removed.

These were added sometime in one of the 3.0 releases, so removing them will not introduce compatibility

issues for users.

Instead, we've decided to get out of the MIME type detection framework business, and have decided

to switch to Tika for all MIME type detection. In fact, you can still write your own MIME type detector,

but you do that by implementing Tika's interface and reference the implementation class(es) in the

corresponding service loader file in your JAR. (See the TIKA documentation for details.)

However, internally we still have an abstraction. This is because it is possible to remove the Tika

(and transitive dependencies) from a ModeShape installation, as long as your applications will not

expect any kind of automatic MIME type detection. This is a perfectly valid use case: for example,

using a repository to store data and do not store files (and don't use sequencers).

The AS7 kits required a bit more modification. There is now a new AS7 module for 'org.apache.tika'

that contains all of the JARs, and this is used by the ModeShape module and by the Tika text extractor


All unit and integration tests pass with these changes. Several new tests were added.

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MODE-1338 Added Teiid Sequencer to JBoss AS kit and distributions

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MODE-1605 Added a kit for AS7.2

The existing resources used in the kit for AS7.1 were changed slightly so that we can have another set of

resources for an AS7.2 kit. The "modeshape-distribution" module now always builds both 7.1 and 7.2 kits,

although by default it only tests the kit for 7.1. To test with 7.2 (which is currently only in Alpha1-SNAPSHOT),

use the "-Pas72" profile.

Verified that all normal builds (no profile, or with the "integration" or "assembly" profiles) pass successfully,

and that they also pass when adding the "as72" profile to these builds.

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