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MODE-2097, MODE-2169, MODE-2197 Integrated the latest version of the jboss-integration BOM. This commit includes changes for multiple different issues that snowballed: - packaging Javadocs in a zip - updating Apache POI In addition, after integrating the BOM a number of unit tests had to be updated to reflect changes in dependencies both from a functionality perspective and from a deprecation perspective. The most significant change there was the rewriting of the ConnectorTestCase (modeshape-jca) because the new versions of Arquillian + IronJacamar hold filelocks on Windows:

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MODE-2065 Ported the EAP kit to Wildfly 8.0.0.CR1. This exposed a number of issues that had to be addressed: - using Servlet 3.1 compliant containers meant upgrading Cargo & Jetty to 9.x - WebDAV mock tests together with dependencies were removed because they added no value - upgraded to the latest EE BOM which meant changing the Arquillian tests

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MODE-1683 Updated the EAP kit to include support for journaling.

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MODE-1820: Renamed the 'modeshape-web-console' to 'modeshape-web-explorer' and added it to the EAP kit.

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MODE-2028 Updated the EAP kit to 6.1.1.GA

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MODE-2026 Updated the EAP kit to contain domain and standalone-ha ModeShape configurations.

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MODE-1847, MODE-2021 Updated ImageSequencer to extract EXIF information and to also process TIFF images. However, only the IFD0 part is searched & read.

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MODE-1707 Updated the EAP & distribution kits to include the JDBC metadata connector

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MODE-1960 Updated the POI dependency to 3.10-beta1 and added back the MSOffice Sequencer and Tika Extractor, which were disabled as a result of

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MODE-1942 Removed support for storing indexes in ISPN.

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MODE-1944 Migrated ModeShape EAP kit to EAP 6.1.0.GA. This presented a number of challenges: - RestEASY 2.3.6 excludes explicity a dependency required by resteasy-multipart-provider/apache.james. For this to work, it had to be re-added with the scope "runtime" - Deploying exploded webapps does not work anymore (for whatever reason...). This means that our EAP kit had to be changed to provide packaged .war files for the web application. This brought forth several issues around the subsystem and the content of the wars which was fixed.

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MODE-1934 - Replaced TODOs with "See MODE-1934".

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MODE-1934 - "De-activated" all Apache POI dependencies. No code was removed, so that if the underlying issue is fixed in a future version of POI, we should be able to easily bring it back.

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MODE-1895- Fixed Solr and Orm modules from the "patched" hibernate search distribution

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MODE-1860 - Moved the location of the ModeShape modules back to the "modules" folder. To make this easier to change in the future, a root property was added which controls the location.

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MODE-1784 - Added a <webapp/> element to the ModeShape AS7 subsystem which allows any web application packaged under the "deployments" folder of the ModeShape main module, to be deployed by the subsystem. This replaces the previous "static" way of copying web applications directly from the kit in the servers "deployments" directory.

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MODE-1849 - Changed AS7 kit to EAP kit and updated the build system so that new kit and integration tests work against EAP 6.1.Alpha1

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