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MODE-2221 Moved the SelfClosingInputStream to the common package and changed it so that it only wraps (and closes) and InputStream. Refactored the binary value classes to make sure any stream returned from a binary value is wrapped into a self closing stream.

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MODE-2088 Eliminated the ring buffer's ability to submit entries in the same thread, which simplifies the consumers and makes them not need to be concurrent. Also changed the WorkspaceCache to register its own listeners that are better optimized for what they do. Kept the ability for the RepositoryChangeBus to have in-thread listeners (notified in the caller's thread), but these listeners only receive events via this route. Changed the JcrRepository to register various listeners directly on the bus rather than via the RepositoryCache (which was a listener and just delegated the register and unregister methods to the change bus). At this point, all tests pass successfully (multiple build passes).

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MODE-2088 Ring buffer implementation, suitable for evaluation and trial.

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MODE-2148 Added checkstyle to our build, and corrected numerous potential problems or issues in the code. Also removed lots of meaningless JavaDoc

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MODE-2081 Changed the license for ModeShape code to ASL 2.0.

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MODE-2113 Updated the messages which indicate which logging library will be used by ModeShape.

MODE-2032 Changed the order of searching for log factories and added more information about which logging library is used.

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MODE-1462 Added support for a custom logger

ModeShape now supports using a custom logger, allowing applications to provide

a 'org.modeshape.common.logging.CustomLoggerFactory' class that will be found

and used only after SLF4J and Log4J.

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MODE-1431 - Added explicit warn & error message in I18n if a bundle cannot be located

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MODE-1431 - Added explicit warn & error message in I18n if a bundle cannot be located

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MODE-857 Added reflection annotations to ComponentConfig, so that they are accessible via the Reflection.Property framework and the JOPR/JON plugin for ModeShape.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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DNA-580 Rebranded all of the codebase, changing from 'JBoss DNA' to 'ModeShape'. For details about the procedure, see DNA-580. The rebranding is not yet complete with this commit, but at this point all modules have been renamed, all package names have been adjusted, all references to 'DNA' (in the various forms) have been changed, and all of the unit tests and integration tests do pass. The remaining work involves fixing a small number of issues (table names used by the JPA connector models, one TCK failure that has been commented out that apparently was uncovered by the node type names and prefixes were changes) that still have to be fixed. Also, I've not verified much of the Getting Started or Reference Guides (though these were changed automatically by my scripts). In short, there still is work to do before we release something.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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