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MODE-2081 Changed the license for ModeShape code to ASL 2.0.

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MODE-1756 Updated the copyright dates and contributors

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MODE-1558 - Forked webdav-servlet and integrated it under the modeshape-webdav module. Updated the licenses, authors, copyright to reflect the ASL2 license, under which webdav-servlet is licensed

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MODE-1367 Corrected copyright dates for 2012

Updated the two COPYRIGHT.txt files and also updated the two AUTHOR.txt files

to reflect the contributors.

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Updated release notes and authors file for 2.7.0.Final

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MODE-1128 Eliminated the dependency on JCIP and its annotations

Changed the POM and Java source to eliminate the dependency on JCIP annotations. ModeShape

was using only 4 of the annotations (number of corresponding import statements is listed in parentheses):

net.jcip.annotations.GuardedBy (10)

net.jcip.annotations.Immutable (310)

net.jcip.annotations.NotThreadSafe (95)

net.jcip.annotations.ThreadSafe (97)

These were replaced with new annotations in 'org.modeshape.common.annotation' that are semantically

and lexically the same as the JCIP annotations.

The 'net.jcip' dependency was removed from all POMs. This change should be backward compatible.

If user code is explicitly using these annotations within Maven projects, they will have to have explicit

dependencies, and when upgrading to 2.5.0.Beta2 they will not have any issues. Similarly, non-Maven

projects will already have the JCIP JAR on their classpath, and can remove the library if they are not

explicitly using it.

All unit and integration tests continue to pass with these changes.

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MODE-1104 Changed build to work in a single pass

Prior to this change, someone running a ModeShape build for the first time had to run two separate commands:

'mvn -Pintegration install' and 'mvn -Passembly install'. It also used aggregator goals for JavaDoc and

assemblies, which fork a new build process for each invocation and which can result in a build that does

double work (if they're included in the main build process). Plus, because the JavaDoc and assembly usages

were in the parent POM, the JavaDoc and assemblies were produced before the modules were compiled; on a machine

in which 'mvn install' was not yet run, this caused an error.

Now, the assembly operation is defined in a child module called 'modeshape-distribution' and the assembly

descriptors are referenced as being on the classpath since they're now defined in a new

'modeshape-assembly-descriptors' module. The end result is that, on a fresh machine on which ModeShape

has not yet been built, the source for ModeShape can be downloaded and completely built using a single

command: 'mvn -Passembly install'.

This commit moves quite a few files around and restructures a number of the POM files, but does not affect

any of the Java source code.

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