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Merge pull request #1674 from mbenson/MODE-2732

Mode 2732 eclipse soothing

Added javadoc


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remove misspelled and unnecessary @SuppressWarnings annotation

Support importing with a binary store hint

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MODE-2676 Fixes the removal of version histories when multi-version graphs exist

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Backport MODE-2587 fix to 4.6.2

MODE-2587 Updates backup and restore to perform the two operations in batches

* Note, only the backup half of the original PR has been ported, not the restore.

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MODE-2587 Updates backup and restore to perform the two operations in batches This should fix any memory issues caused by the previous implementation, where everything was loaded and written to in one big batch.

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MODE-2528 Integrates the new relational provider with the modeshape codebase This is a huge commit which makes the necessary changes to remove all Infinispan configuration and dependencies, replacing it with the new mechanism. It also contains several changes to the relational provider design because of various failing tests. This includes among other thing the necessity for ModeShape to notify the provider once exclusive locks have been obtained as part of each transaction.

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MODE-2528 Removes any ISPN specific SPI from the SchematicDB and LocalDocumentStore. Makes some changes to transactions processing, preparing for non ISPN storage.

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MODE-2536 Ads the ability for ModeShape to lookup different JTA transaction managers This is required because in the absence of ISPN, ModeShape will have to be able to support both local and user transactions, regardless of the environment it's being run in. This commit also removes the "transactionMode" configuration option, as ModeShape should be able to auto-detect if it's being run or not in the context of a user transaction.

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MODE-2524 Removes deprecated API

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MODE-2522 Removes the Joda date-time library dependency and switches to javax.time This also changes the current ModeShape DateTime API removing a lot of the existing methods and encouraging users to use the standard JDK 1.8 API.

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MODE-2516 Updates JDK to 1.8 and jboss-parent to the latest version (19) This is the first significant commit of the 5.x series and contains a number of significant changes: - the naming of Maven version properties changed to adopt the standard pattern: 'version.<groupId>.<artifactId>' - build system and dependency updates so that the latest Maven plugin versions function correctly - updating source code to avoid compiler and javadoc warnings

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MODE-1903 Adds reindexing configuration to the JBoss AS kit.

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MODE-1903 Adds the ability to reindex starting from a given timestamp This type of reindexing works only if a journal is present and fails otherwise. This commit also adds the ability for index providers to read/write a timestamp information representing the "latest time" at which indexes managed by that provider have been successfully updated.

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MODE-1727 Allows the possibility of setting a custom Locale instance when querying This will be used in turn when performing string comparisons.

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MODE-2166 Adds CAST dynamic operand for JCR-SQL2.

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MODE-2345 Updated event-related metrics using the new 4.x ring buffer.

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MODE-2452 Implemented backup/restore methods for the REST service.

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MODE-2440 Updated the backup/restore API to allow more customization options.

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MODE-2432 Updated the index manager (both from the API & the SPI) to be able to expose information about that status of each configured index.

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JcrTools authorization fix

- Patch for findOrCreateChild to avoid getting ancestral nodes that aren't necessary for the current operation, because in ACL context AccessDeniedException would be thrown if the user doesn't have access to those ancestors.

- Created a test to verify lacking ancestor read permission does not prevent findOrCreateChild from creating nodes.

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MODE-2301 Added support for indexes to be updated synchronously or asynchronously

Prior to this commit, all updates to the indexes in the 4.0 codebase were asynchronous. That means that

the method added the ChangeSet describing the session's changes onto the event bus and

then returned. All index updates were done in separate listener threads on the event bus, so it's entirely

possible (and perhaps likely) that any updates to the indexes happen after the client's call to

returned. The net effect is that the client might make changes and immediately issue a query that would not

find the recently-saved changes. Additionally, there was no way for the client to know when the indexes would

be updated.

With this commit, it is possible to define whether each index is updated synchronously before the

the returns, or asynchronously so that index updates are made in a separate thread.

This commit changes the default behavior of the index updates to be *synchronous*.

In a cluster, any changes made on one process are sent via the change bus to the other processes,

and the indexes in those other processes are always updated asynchronously. In other words, if an

index provider keeps copies of the indexes on every process, then only the local indexes are updated

synchronously before save returns -- and that does not wait until the indexes in the other

processes are updated.

In order to properly implement this, a small change was made to the ChangeBus to expand the semantic concept

of an "in-thread" listener. Prior to this, "in-thread" meant that the listener only received locally-originating

change sets. Now, it's still possible to do this (and the journal uses this older behavior), but it's also

possible to register a listener such that locally-originating change sets are handled in-thread while remotely

originating change sets are handled asynchronously.

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MODE-2151 Added support for CHILDCOUNT dynamic operand

Pretty basic support that should prove quite useful in certain situations. This may be relatively

expensive when the repository has nodes with lots of children since it requires loading the parent

node's child references in order to obtain the count. The CHILDCOUNT criteria would therefore work

much better/faster as filtering criteria in a query that already defines criteria that indexes can


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MODE-2286 Made it easier to use the ModeShape public API for queries

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MODE-2160 Incorporated recent comments and added validation of IndexDefinintions before registration.

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MODE-2160 Completed the first stab at a local index provider. There are only a few very limited test cases, but they do pass and show that the provider is able to be included in the query plan, properly selected for use, and properly used during query execution.

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MODE-1671 Added 'mode:id' pseudocolumn for JCR-SQL2 queries

It is now possible to use the 'mode:id' pseudocolumn that exists on all selectors

to obtain the javax.jcr.Node.getIdentifier() value. It can be used in WHERE constraints

and JOIN criteria.

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MODE-2160 Refactored the query engine and index provider SPI.

Changed how index providers are initialized, changed the indexing to use only events, changed the reindexing mechanism to use a much simplified IndexWriter, and added a partial LocalIndex and provider implementation (still needs work).

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MODE-2188 Added management of index providers to Wildfly subsystem

It is now possible to manage the index providers using the Wildfly configuration and CLI tools.

Additionally, ModeShape is no longer dependent upon Lucene or Hibernate Search.

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