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MODE-2528 Adds SchematicDb implementation which stores data in relational databases.

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MODE-1733 Eliminated in the tests only the excess Hibernate Search startup log messages

These messages were extremely prolific, since a new message was output once each time a

repository was started. This change only removes them from our build and test output.

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MODE-1477 Changed logging level of TCK test classes

Set up the default logging for the TCK classes to be WARN level (rather than INFO level), since the many, many (!) INFO level messages add almost 10 sec to the total execution time.

The total time drops to 55 sec from 64 sec.

DNA-580 Rebranded all of the codebase, changing from 'JBoss DNA' to 'ModeShape'. For details about the procedure, see DNA-580. The rebranding is not yet complete with this commit, but at this point all modules have been renamed, all package names have been adjusted, all references to 'DNA' (in the various forms) have been changed, and all of the unit tests and integration tests do pass. The remaining work involves fixing a small number of issues (table names used by the JPA connector models, one TCK failure that has been commented out that apparently was uncovered by the node type names and prefixes were changes) that still have to be fixed. Also, I've not verified much of the Getting Started or Reference Guides (though these were changed automatically by my scripts). In short, there still is work to do before we release something.

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