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MODE-2409 Changed the ClusteredChangeBus to wait until it receives loopback-changesets. This is the only way (apart from not sending loopback messages through JGroups) to ensure that when a thread calls "bus.notify" all the "in-thread" listeners have actually been notified before continuing with that thread. This in turn is a precondition that must hold true for any changes in the system area to work correctly.

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MODE-2088 Updated the RingBuffer implementation and finished the CircularChangeBus which is now used by the repository.

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MODE-2088 Added WildFly support for the disruptor and changed/fixed various repository shutdown issues exposed by the current disruptor based bus.

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MODE-2088 Added a ChangeBus implementation based on the L-MAX Disruptor. The old (queue based implementation) was not removed, but deprecated.

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MODE-1683 Updated clustering and implemented delta-reconciliation mechanism for journals.

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MODE-1701 - Updated repository JGroups configuration, so that a classpath located XML file can also be specified.

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MODE-1397 Added JGroups based implementation for the ChangesBus

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