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MODE-2528 Integrates the new relational provider with the modeshape codebase This is a huge commit which makes the necessary changes to remove all Infinispan configuration and dependencies, replacing it with the new mechanism. It also contains several changes to the relational provider design because of various failing tests. This includes among other thing the necessity for ModeShape to notify the provider once exclusive locks have been obtained as part of each transaction.

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MODE-2081 Changed the license for ModeShape code to ASL 2.0.

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MODE-1763 - Updated Infinispan XML schema to 5.2 and logging to turn off useless INFO messages.

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MODE-1763, MODE-1304 - Updated the ISPN dependency to 5.2.1 and Hibernate Search/Lucene to 4.2/3.6.

Because the new version of Infinispan does not allow by default duplicate MBeans with the same name, the tests had to be updated to specifically turn this option on for each used caches.

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MODE-1733 Eliminated in the tests only the excess Hibernate Search startup log messages

These messages were extremely prolific, since a new message was output once each time a

repository was started. This change only removes them from our build and test output.

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MODE-1368 Removed all legacy modules no longer needed in 3.x

ModeShape 3.x will not need a number of the 2.x modules. In particular:

- since 3.x will only have an AS7 kit, the AS5 or AS6 artifacts were removed

- all the connectors were removed, since they're no longer used

- the connector benchmark tests module was removed, replaced by our new

performance test suite

- the JPA DDL generator utility has been removed

- the 'modeshape-graph', 'modeshape-repository', 'modeshape-search-lucene'

and 'modeshape-clustering' modules have all been removed, since the new

'modeshape-jcr' module no longer uses them

- the DocBook modules were removed and are replaced by the Confluence space

- the two JDBC modules were moved out of the 'utils' directory to top-level modules

The build still works, but not all components have been included in the build.

This is because the query functionality doesn't yet work, so quite a few web

and JDBC driver modules all depend on this.

The assembly profile has not yet been changed or corrected.

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