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MODE-2664 Fixes various issues with SQLServer support The fixes include: * making sure CREATE and DROP table statements correctly detect existing objects * using correct syntax for DB locking * using the correct binary type for storing schematic documents

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MODE-2629 Fixes the issue with too many parameters for the IN clause This commit changes the queries that get sent down to the DB so that when the number of parameters exceeds a certain limit, the IN clause gets broken down into multiple IN OR IN clauses. It also adds Docker support for the modeshape-persistence-relational module so that low level DB operations can be tested against different DBs.

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MODE-2613: Modeshape persistence test module

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MODE-2543 Updates to jboss-parent 20 (JDK 8). It also makes some build changes removing/renaming some properties.

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MODE-2528 Adds SchematicDb implementation which stores data in relational databases.

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