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MODE-2528 Integrates the new relational provider with the modeshape codebase This is a huge commit which makes the necessary changes to remove all Infinispan configuration and dependencies, replacing it with the new mechanism. It also contains several changes to the relational provider design because of various failing tests. This includes among other thing the necessity for ModeShape to notify the provider once exclusive locks have been obtained as part of each transaction.

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MODE-2469 Added a "maxPoolSize" configuration attribute which allows the configuration of the sequencer's and text extractor's maximum number of threads. Updated the AS kit to expose configuration attributes both for the names of the thread pools and the maximum size of the thread pool.

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MODE-2088 Updated the RingBuffer implementation and finished the CircularChangeBus which is now used by the repository.

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MODE-2081 Changed the remaining files over to the ASL 2.0 license

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Corrected compiler warnings

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MODE-1847, MODE-2021 Updated ImageSequencer to extract EXIF information and to also process TIFF images. However, only the IFD0 part is searched & read.

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MODE-2015 Deprecated the "removeDerivedContentWithOriginal" configuration attribute

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MODE-1763 - Updated Infinispan XML schema to 5.2 and logging to turn off useless INFO messages.

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MODE-1763, MODE-1304 - Updated the ISPN dependency to 5.2.1 and Hibernate Search/Lucene to 4.2/3.6.

Because the new version of Infinispan does not allow by default duplicate MBeans with the same name, the tests had to be updated to specifically turn this option on for each used caches.

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MODE-1733 Eliminated in the tests only the excess Hibernate Search startup log messages

These messages were extremely prolific, since a new message was output once each time a

repository was started. This change only removes them from our build and test output.

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MODE-1522 Changed the sequencer portion of the JSON configuration

Previously the sequencers were defined in the JSON configuration using an array of nested

documents. However, this made it difficult to easily identify and update a particular sequencer

configuration. And even though the names were intended to be unique, using an array did

not enforce that constraint. Finally, the sequencer configurations are not ordered.

Now, the 'sequencing/sequencers' field in the JSON configuration files are documents,

with the field name containing the unique name of the sequencer. The value of these

fields are each the sequencer configuration for the given name.

An error in the JSON Schema validation logic was discovered and corrected. Note that very

few of the changes involved the production code; most changes were in fact for test code

or configurations.

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MODE-1519 Changed JSON configuration format to use "classname" for sequencers, extractors, and security providers

These components previously used a "type" field to specify the classname or alias, whereas the AS7 configuration

uses "classname". The names of these fields were changed to "classname" to be more consistent with the AS7 configuration.

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MODE-1491 Added support for sequencers specifying acceptable MIME types

Added support for the sequencers to specify the set of MIME types for the binary content that they accept. Some sequencers (such as the DDL sequencer) do not specify any MIME types (for various reasons, often because there is no MIME type defined for the content types), and thus fall back to the old behavior where the sequencer attempts to process all matching input.

As before, the input node must first satisfy the path expression. However, sequencers that also specify one or more MIME types (either via defaults or overwritten in each sequencer configuration) are invoked only if the MIME type of the changed property matches can be found and is one of the sequencer's MIME types.

The MIME type of the changed property is found as follows:

- if the input node contains a single-valued 'jcr:mimeType' property, then the value of this property is considered the MIME type of the changed property; otherwise

- if the input node is named "jcr:content" and its parent contains a single-valued 'jcr:mimeType' property, then the value of this property is considered the MIME type of the changed property; otherwise

- if the changed property is a BINARY property, then the ModeShape-specific Binary interface is used to obtain the MIME type for the binary value, given the name of the parent node (or grandparent node, if the parent node is named "jcr:content"); otherwise

- the MIME type could not be determined and does not influence whether the sequencer is invoked

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MODE-1361 - Fixed sequencing outputPath in case when the parent of the output node is new and has the same name as the alleged output node Also, updated the generic SequencingTest to use the sequencing events instead of Thread.sleep.

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MODE-1392 Extended the JCR event model with an additional sequencing event. Updated sequencing unit tests to make use of this event.

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MODE-1402 Repository configuration schema changes

A recent commit removed the 'name' field on sequencers, extractors, and security providers definitions.

This was problematic for the JBoss AS subsystem, so the name has been recovered and the 'description'

field has been removed (since it is superfluous).

All unit and integration tests pass.

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MODE-1378 Fixes from recent changes

Recent changes moved the sequencers to 'modeshape-sequencer' (unclear why this was done),

and several of the POM files in modules that are not yet used were missing version elements

on test dependencies.

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MODE-1378 Added common parent for all sequencers - modeshape-sequencers and updated the build accordingly

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MODE-1402 Changed repository configuration format to simplify sequencer configuration

Made a couple of changes to the repository configuration JSON Schema to simplify things

and remove unused or ancillary items:

- The sequencer, text extractor, and authentication provider components no longer have a

"name" field, since it was not much different than "description"

- The sequencer, text extractor, and authentication provider components have a "type"

field that is a superset of the older "type" and "classname" fields. The "type" field

is now required.

- The sequencer components no longer have a "pathExpression" and "pathExpressions" fields;

instead, there's just "pathExpressions" whose values are always arrays. Note that

"pathExpressions" is now a required field.

Lots of configuration files for the sequencer modules were changed (as was the online

documentation). Quite a few other classes needed to be changed to support the removal

of the "name" field from Component and Sequencers.

All unit and integration tests pass.

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MODE-1331 updated code based on code review

-renamed some methods

-cleaned up test repository configurations

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MODE-1331 ported ClassFileSequencer to 3.x

-added common abstract test case for sequencers

-updated ImageSequencerTest to use base test class

-fixed "package" visibility bug (was not being set properly)

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MODE-1331 refactored ImageMetadataSequencerTest to use SingleUseAbstractTest

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MODE-1330 migrated image sequencer from 2.x to 3.x

-added new root folder for sequencers

-removed i18n sequencer class

-fixed various input/ouput path issues

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