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MODE-2684 Removes the compile time dependency of modeshape-core towards Apache Tika The mime type extraction functionality will still function as-is if Tika is present, but now there is also an independent extension-based default which will be used if Tika is not present in the CP at runtime

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MODE-2566 Upgrades to OpenCMIS 1.0.0 and explicitly advertises CMIS 1.1 as the supported version for repositories

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MODE-2360: Add content hash property

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MODE-2367: Access versions via CMIS

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Corrected numerous Java and JavaDoc warnings and technical errors.

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MODE-2325-3.x Fixed the problem of duplicate JARs inside the CMIS webapp and also removed for the EAP version of the webapp the explicit SAAJ jars which might cause problems.

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MODE-2081 Changed the remaining files over to the ASL 2.0 license

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MODE-2041 Corrected numerous compiler warninings, JavaDoc errors and warnings, and removed quite a few JavaDoc comments that are inherited via @Override.

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MODE-2105, MODE-2016 Updated Apache Chemistry to 0.10.0 together with CMIS service. Updated the web.xml of both CMIS web application to be secured via the "connect" role.

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Corrected compiler warnings and JavaDoc errors.

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Updated the JGroups test configuration, together with the IPv4 and IPv6 profiles. By default, neither IPv4 nor IPv6 will be forced, meaning that whatever the underlying OS supports will be used (see for more information)

Also, It seems that on Windows (at least) JGroups 3.2 is a lot faster when using IPv6 than it is when using IPv4, so a new OS-dependent profile was added to modeshape-jcr. Also, it seems Arquillian doesn't work with IPv6, so IPv4 was enforced for the integration tests.

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MODE-295 More fixes to the build and made artifact names more consistent/appropriate

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