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Changes some of the webapps DOCTYPE to use XML namespacing. The reason is that with the old DOCTYPE style Jetty may fail when the running computer is not connected to the internet.

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Changes some of the webapps DOCTYPE to use XML namespacing. The reason is that with the old DOCTYPE style Jetty may fail when the running computer is not connected to the internet.

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MODE-2452 Implemented backup/restore methods for the REST service.

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MODE-2081 Changed the license for ModeShape code to ASL 2.0.

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MODE-1662 - Cleaned up the "connect" role, updating the documentation in the web.xml files where it's being used and removing any internal usages

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MODE-1416 - Updated the rest server to produce not only application/json but also text/plain and text/html, based on the Accept header of the request. Clients which rely on the old (default application/json behavior) should specify the Accept header in the request.

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MODE-1507 - Added the webdav modules back to the build system and fixed the tests. Also, removed a deprecated class and implemented a real integration test which uses a WebDav client to test the exposed functionality.

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MODE-1439 Added new JndiRepositoryFactory implementation in ModeShape's API

Added a new JNDI-based RepositoryFactory that looks for only "jndi:"-type URLs, and is

aware of both Repository instances and (ModeShape-specific) Repositories instances.

This allowed simplification of the web library used in the RESTful and WebDAV services,

since they only need to specify the normal RepositoryFactory parameters in the


All unit and integration tests pass.

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MODE-1430 Enabled the RESTful services within the build

The Maven modules that make up the RESTful service and it's dependencies (e.g., the

local JDBC driver) have been added back into the build. Several changes were required

to correct the test cases' expected results, and to change the test repository

configurations. The JBoss AS 7 kit also is now including the customized RESTful

WAR file.

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MODE-1146 REST Servlet Ignores Servlet Mappings Other Than /*

Attached patch that corrects the way that the REST server produces URIs when querying the server-level resource and the repository-level resource. Higher-level resources are not affected by this issue, because we use relative URIs for node children. The patch remaps the servlet in the tests from /* to /test/* and slightly modifies some test scripts accordingly.

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MODE-807 Provide a RepositoryProvider Implementation that Uses RepositoryFactory

Applied a first version of this patch that adds the FactoryRepositoryProvider as a new RepositoryProvider that relies on JcrRepositoryFactory to access JcrEngines and JcrRepository instances.

This patch doesn't remove the dependency from modeshape-web-jcr to modeshape-jcr though, so there's still some work to be done. In particular, the o.m.j.api.RepositoryFactory interface will probably need to be expanded to add some methods that are currently in JcrRepositoryFactory and used by FactoryRepositoryProvider. Then FactoryRepositoryProvider could be changed to use the o.m.j.api.RepositoryFactory interface. Also, the documentation (e.g., Getting Started Guide, Reference Guide) needs to be updated to use FactoryRepositoryProvider as the new recommended implementation of RepositoryProvider.

Nonetheless, the current version is usable and the REST and WebDAV integration tests have been changed to use FactoryRepositoryProvider.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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MODE-281 Support accessing repository through WebDAV

Applied a patch that provides a WebDAV implementation for ModeShape (although there aren't any ModeShape dependencies in there yet - it could be used with any JCR implementation). The patch splits out some of modeshape-web-jcr-rest into a separate modeshape-web-jcr project.

The patch uses the WebDAV library suggested by Randall (thanks!) as the backbone of the implementation, albeit modified with a couple of OS X workarounds that the Drools Guvnor team laid on top of the same library for their WebDAV implementation. These are noted in the

This approach maps every node that has a primary type of nt.:file (or one of its descendants) to a WebDAV resource and every other node to a WebDAV folder. That allows for browsing through existing hierarchies, but does not fully exposed the data in non-file nodes. Just as with the REST server, authentication information is proxied in from the Servlet engine, allowing for integrated security.

The default implementation requires a repository and workspace name to be provided in the web.xml, but there are a pair of interfaces that can be implemented (RequestResolver and UriResolver) to provide extremely flexible mappings if that is desired in the future.

The implementation also aims to be configurable wherever reasonably possible, including (but not limited to):

- the choice of RequestResolver/UriResolver implementation

- the node type to use for new folders, files, and content nodes

- the node types to treat as a folders, files, or content nodes for existing nodes

One hardwired parameter that may need to be configurable in the future is the use of the Aperture MIME type detector. I really didn't want to tightly couple the WebDAV implementation to ModeShapeEngine (or JcrEngine) just to reuse the MIME type detectors there, so I just hard-coded that. If anyone wants me to change, I'll happily do so as a Good Practice.

The committed patch differs slightly from the patch in JIRA, as it removes spurious .settings directories and cleans up the .classpath entries in Eclipse to conform to our standards.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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Merge branch 'mode-580'

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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Merge branch 'mode-580'

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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DNA-580 Rebranded all of the codebase, changing from 'JBoss DNA' to 'ModeShape'. For details about the procedure, see DNA-580. The rebranding is not yet complete with this commit, but at this point all modules have been renamed, all package names have been adjusted, all references to 'DNA' (in the various forms) have been changed, and all of the unit tests and integration tests do pass. The remaining work involves fixing a small number of issues (table names used by the JPA connector models, one TCK failure that has been commented out that apparently was uncovered by the node type names and prefixes were changes) that still have to be fixed. Also, I've not verified much of the Getting Started or Reference Guides (though these were changed automatically by my scripts). In short, there still is work to do before we release something.

git-svn-id: 76366958-4244-0410-ad5e-bbfabb93f86b

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