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MODE-2113 Updated the messages which indicate which logging library will be used by ModeShape.

MODE-2112 Changed the fix for MODE-2104 which did not cover all possible cases.

MODE-2107 Fixed the setting of excluded & included mime-types on the Tika text extractor.

MODE-2096 Fixed additional NPE on restore. This was caused by node reorder events trying to retrieve persisted paths for nodes which don't exist.

MODE-1372 Updated the internal Change events and ChangeSet(s) to contain the primary type and the mixin types of the node involved. Also, update the ModeShape Event API to expose this information as per the JSR-333 spec.

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MODE-2100 Updated the processing of predefined workspaces, so that new ones are always added between repository restarts.

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MODE-2104 Fixed the restoring of nodes when some of them have been moved between versions.

MODE-2103: Upload binary content outside of transaction.

MODE-2105, MODE-2016 Updated Apache Chemistry to 0.10.0 together with CMIS service. Updated the web.xml of both CMIS web application to be secured via the "connect" role.

MODE-1683 Added a locally stored journalId which is also present on the changeSet instances and which is used as an identifier in the clustered cases instead of the processId, which has a different value each time.

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MODE-1683 Updated the EAP kit to include support for journaling.

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MODE-1683 Updated clustering and implemented delta-reconciliation mechanism for journals.

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MODE-1683 Implemented journaling functionality backed by MapDB.

MODE-2092 Restructured and simplified BOMs.

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MODE-2096 Reverted a change introduced by previous commit which may impact SNS and cause the inserted & insertedBefore structures to be out-of-sync.

MODE-2096 Fixed child persistence when transient node reorderings are involved. The challenge was primarily caused by the fact that a transient, reordered node was not seen as an appended node, which in effect was loosing the parent-child relationship.

MODE-2095 Fixed NPE when executing date range queries.

MODE-2087 Added the LargeFileSystemConnector subclass of FileSystemConnector to compute BinaryValue hash on demand

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MODE-2090 Add java import statement nodes to the java file and class sequencers. Also added a mixin that is now being added to the nodes representing java packages.

MODE-2089 Fixed the child reference iterator in the case of transient insertions.

Changed version to 3.7-SNAPSHOT

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'Release: update versions for modeshape-3.6.0.Final'

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Updated release notes for 3.6.0.Final

MODE-2061 Updated the FileSystemConnector so that clients can override and provide a better SHA1 implementation for UrlBinaryValues.

MODE-2076 Additional fixes for errors.

MODE-2075 Removed the old RHQ plugin that has not been used for some time.

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MODE-2076: Fix exceptions caused by empty path. Fix exception during handling multivalue properties. Improve exception handling

MODE-2072 Corrected the POM

MODE-2072: Implement path reflection in the address bar

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MODE-2072: Changed the web explorer module to be two modules

This is required since the EAP-based explorer WAR file can be built

without the ModeShape libraries, since they are provided in the

subsystem's modules in the kit. However, all of our other WAR modules

under "web" directory all embed the ModeShape libraries. Thus,

this commit splits the "web/modeshape-web-explorer" into two modules:

the "web/modeshape-web-explorer-war" that does not embed the

ModeShape libraries (and which is used by the EAP explorer module)

and the "web/modeshape-web-explorer-war" that does embed the

ModeShape libraries (like the other "web" WAR modules).

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