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Merge branch 'mode-1151-master' of into ceefour-mode-1151-master

Using Logback configuration file.




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Use SLF4J 1.6.1 and Logback for examples

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MODE-1143 Merge more recent updates from 'master'

Merged the latest updates from 'master' into this branch, and corrected one conflict in

Merge branch 'mode-1129' of into rhauch-mode-1129

MODE-1152 Changed HSQLDB dependency scope

Changed the scope to be 'runtime'. All unit and integration tests pass.

Merge branch 'MODE-1154' of into bcarothers-MODE-1154

MODE-1154 RepositoryNodeTypeManager allows NodeTypes to be updated, but JcrNodeTypeManager does not pass through allowUpdate

Modified RNTM and JNTM to pass the allowUpdate flag through.

use logback.xml in tests

MODE-1089 Test getting version history for newly versionable node

Attempted to replicate the problem reported in MODE-1089 by adding a test case that does exactly the same logic as in the issue. (Thanks Marek for an excellent bug report!)

However, the new test succeeds. I suspect that this issue was fixed with recent changes to rewrite and improve performance of the system graph for versioning. See MODE-1134 for details.

MODE-1129 Eliminated dependency on Google Collections

Created a Multimap interface and several implementations to replace the corresponding classes in the Google Collections library. Also added unit tests, and all uses of Google Collections were changed to the new ModeShape multimap classes.

All unit and integration tests pass with these changes.

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MODE-1125, MODE-1147 Corrected test case, which was merged poorly.

MODE-1147 Added support for vendor extensions in the CND importer

The CND tokenizer already supported capturing vendor extensions as a separate kind of token, but it was not used in the CndImporter. We should enable this functionality in the importer.

However, we don't need to use it in the 'modeshape-jcr' module, as we have no extensions that will be required. First of all, the 'nt:nodeTypeDefinition', 'nt:propertyDefinition', and 'nt:childNodeDefinition' node type definitions do not allow extra properties (we'd have to use a mixin for this). Secondly, we wouldn't use them at all anyway.

All unit and integration tests pass with these changes.

Merge branch 'mode-1125' of into rhauch-mode-1125




MODE-1125 Corrected compiler warnings for Eclipse

Removing the Eclipse IDE-specific files from Git results in using no project-specific

settings for any module. Several modules were (accidentally?) using project-specific

settings, resulting in compiler warnings when these settings were removed. This commit

simply corrects those warnings.

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MODE-1125 Removed the last .settings folder from Git.

Merge branch 'master' of into gastaldi-master

MODE-1145 Added support for residual properties in queries

Updated the documentation to reflect that both residual and non-residual properties are available.

MODE-1145 Added support for residual properties in queries

It is now possible to use residual properties in JCR-SQL2 queries. For example, if a node is defined with a primary type of "nt:unstructured" and no mixin types, then any properties defined on that node are referred to as 'residual' properties (because they map to 'residual property definitions' on "nt:unstructured", which have names of "*" and/or 'undefined' types).

Prior to this change, residual properties could not be used within a query. Now, however, they can be used just like any other non-residual property. Only those nodes with the property will show up in the results. Note, however, that there is no error if a query uses a property that does not exist.

Several new unit tests were added with these changes. All unit and integration tests pass.

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Removed .settings folder

MODE-1122 in case JAAS fails go for anonymous

Attached patch that falls back to using an anonymous user context if one is configured and the attempt to login with simple credentials fails. This updated version controls this behavior with a Repository Option (off by default) and updates the Reference Guide

MODE-1146 REST Servlet Ignores Servlet Mappings Other Than /*

Attached patch that corrects the way that the REST server produces URIs when querying the server-level resource and the repository-level resource. Higher-level resources are not affected by this issue, because we use relative URIs for node children. The patch remaps the servlet in the tests from /* to /test/* and slightly modifies some test scripts accordingly.

Merge commit '1514d34' into mode-1138

MODE-1138 Improved error message when value violates property definition constraint

Improved the error message when a property definition could not be found because only the constraint is violated. The message is of the form:

The '{0}' property value '{1}' on node '{2}' does not satisfy the constraints of

the '{3}' property definition on the '{4}' node type, and no other property

definition is valid.

The message is slightly different for multi-valued properties, for REFERENCE properties, and WEAKREFERENCE properties.

All unit and integration tests pass with these changes.

Merge branch 'mode-1141' of into rhauch-mode-1141

MODE-1139 Added tests to verify behavior when XML contains values that violate constraints

Added two tests that import XML (both system and document views) that contains values that violate constraints of a property definition. The tests show that in both cases, Session.importXML(...) does indeed throw a ConstraintViolationException (rather than the EnclosingSAXException as reported).

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MODE-1144 Corrected logic to convert XPath queries to JCR-SQL2

First added a unit test in JcrQueryManagerTest to execute the same XPath query, and replicated the error. After a bit of searching, the problem turned out to be the generated JCR-SQL2 query was incorrect (used a different alias in the second criteria). Thus the problem was likely in the XPathToQueryTranslator, so another unit test was added to XPathToQueryTranslatorTest, which also failed.

After a bit of investigation, discovered that the processing of the criteria was incorrectly switching table names. Simply correcting this appears to have fixed this issue.

All unit and integration tests pass with these changes.

MODE-1143 Upgrade to Lucene 3.1

Changed the versions in the 'modeshape-search-lucene' module from 3.0.2 to 3.1.0, although the regex library is still at 3.0.3. The snowball library was incorporated into the contrib library, so it was removed.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of deprecations in the Lucene API, where some of the deprecated interfaces are still required. It looks like these are merely a step forward, and future releases will make additional deprecations/changes.

All unit and integration tests pass.

MODE-1141 Corrected VersionManager.checkin(...) logic to not duplicate versionable nodes in history

As noted in the JIRA issue, the JcrVersionManager.checkin(...) method calls the versionNodeAt(...) recursive method, which copies the versionable state into the new version in version history. This method should *not* be walking children when the child is 'mix:versionable' and has an OPV on the child node definition of VERSION.

This change simply implements this behavior by returning from the method rather than breaking (the children are walked after the break).

All unit and integration tests pass with this minor change.

MODE-1142 Corrected the use of @Override

The 'modeshape-jcr', 'modeshape-jcr-api' and 'modeshape-graph' modules are now compiled with JDK 1.5 (see MODE-1108), so the @Override annotations need to be removed from that code. All of the remaining modules use JDK 6, and thus need to use @Override in all places (including interfaces).

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